Shoigu said the actions of the US in Syria a threat to the Russian military

Missile attack on the United States air base Syrian government forces in early April threatened the Russian soldiers who are on the territory of Syria. This was stated at the International security conference in Moscow, Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, reports RBC.

According to him, Russia will now have to take measures to protect its military forces.

“Washington’s actions have created a threat to the lives and safety of our military, who are in Syria fighting terrorism. Such steps require us to take additional measures to ensure the safety of personnel of the Russian forces,” said Shoigu.

We will remind, on 7 April the US Navy ships stationed in the Mediterranean sea, struck by Tomahawk missiles at the air base Syrian government forces. In all there were more than 50 rockets that were aimed at the runway, and aircraft Parking and refueling facilities.