On the streets of Bucharest for more than 25 thousand people demanded the resignation of the government

More than 25 thousand people on Monday gathered in Victory square in the centre of the Romanian capital, demanding the government’s resignation, despite the fact that the Cabinet had already made concessions to the public and made the decision to cancel previously approved amendments to the Criminal code of the country.

According to the TV channel Digi24, the organizers of mass protests on social networks announced the presence of several hundred people, but now their number slightly exceeds 25 thousand.

People chanting: “Thieves! Thieves!”, “The government of traitors!”, “Resign!”, the inscriptions on the placards read: “We have to be here every day!”, “Government resign!”.

Anti-government demonstrations recently held across Romania, despite the fact that on Sunday, the Cabinet canceled the amendments to the criminal code, which began mass protests. The amendments could lead to the release from prison of convicted in corruption cases supporters of the ruling party. Ongoing for several days, the protests press calls the most ambitious in the last 25 years.