Pakistan will build a fence on the border with Afghanistan

Pakistan stated that in the near future start to build a fence along its border with neighboring Afghanistan to bolster security, writes “Radio Freedom”.

As stated by the Pakistan army, the first phase of construction fencing will be carried out in the regions Bajor, Mohmand and Khyber. The Pakistani authorities believe these areas are especially dangerous, given the possibility of crossing the border militant groups.

In addition, the border will be built new border posts, and military fortifications to improve defence and surveillance, said in Islamabad.

The Afghan authorities were strongly opposed. The representative of the press service of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Afghanistan, Najib Danish, said that Pakistan “has no right” to build on the border with Afghanistan, a fence or other structures. He warned Islamabad about the response of Kabul.

Earlier, Pakistan has tried to build engineered structures on the border with Afghanistan, and each time it led to border clashes.

The two countries have a common border stretching over 2400 kilometers, built along the so-called “Durand line”, named for the British diplomat, who identified it at the end of the 19th century. Afghanistan, unlike Pakistan and almost all the rest of the world still does not recognize this boundary. In addition, Afghanistan and Pakistan have been accusing each other that the other side turns a blind eye to border crossing by local militants operating in both countries.