FSB vs GRU: not a draw

The debate Navalny and Girkin is committed disgusting spectacle. Especially when you realize that debating is known as a Pro-Western and liberal Democrat Navalny outright war criminal and a murderer Girkin (Strelkov), who also would be in opposition to Putin. Why and the second one “as if”? Yes, because both of these characters are long intelligence agents and play the role of “new political elite” and opponents of Putin. Liberal and national-Patriotic.

Managed democracy, is a favorite interpretation of the Kremlin technologists. But, unlike the officer Girkin, Alex Navalny still in the state Department eats up. There is also need such a smokescreen of opposition sentiment and the future of liberal reforms in Russia. Although, only the ignorant and the man never read the history of Russia might think that the liberal idea can span the masses, but the liberal could come to power. Yes, and through the democratic election procedure. Maybe in Washington really think that Bulk can create a problem for the Russian ruling elite and to the master of the Kremlin? Well, Americans are very naive and did not imagine the present reality and therefore live in a world of illusions.

You ask, and why do we need these “debates”? Because this action is clearly not in favor of the official leader of the Russian opposition and the favorite of some part of the advanced intelligentsia. In the civilized world, liberal Democrat would not be able to sit down with a person openly involved in mass killings and terrorism on the territory of another country. And then, instead of contempt, Navalny was forced to argue with him about the future of Russia and the fate of the world in General. Maybe he didn’t need to be.

However, who will ask, “hope of youth” and “the wrestler” with the Putin regime? 2018 is not far off. We need a picture of democratization of the political process. Need ostentatious imitation of the appearance in Russia of a competitive political environment. No matter what, so to speak, to the individual. We remember how many different nasty things said Girkin (arrows) in the address Itself. And here, on you, instead of isolation and destruction, the debate… and Bulk again to frame and discredit in front of the U.S. Embassy. They say, look, no true values, your protege is not. He is not only your, but our…

That’s why, and there was an open casting and show future opponents King in the election. And I must say that the bride’s own undercover agents were frankly boring and friendly atmosphere. The audience, of course, is not happy. The puppeteers and actors, in my opinion, satisfied. And even no matter what was said Navalny, and behaved like Girkin. The Kremlin failed yet another propaganda operation.

But for Ukraine this was another slap in the face. Why? On the one hand because a lot of hopes were pinned we have in Bulk and a lot of positive ratings was in his address and disrespectful towards us gesture. By the way, in the Crimea, Navalny has long been repeating “the Kremlin’s” theses about the complexity and ambiguity of the situation…But the Ukrainians a long time to see clearly. And then quickly disappointed. I think now no one doubts that the Bulk of the long “lead” and use in their game. It is necessary to Putin to articulate certain messages for the West and consolidate an active youth in the country in the right direction. To under supervision was… And of course, he has long been “under the hood” of a powerful dirt and is a no-brainer…

As for strelkov, his campaign in an open policy, is a blatant mockery of all our security forces, which were to consider their point of honor to find it in any point of the globe and destroy. Yes, Yes, to destroy. So do all self-respecting States. Not being afraid of someone’s judgment. Instead, our media and governmental “experts” and “analysts” almost daily quoted Strelkova, when he to attract attention and to gain confidence, negative perception of the Russian leadership and Putin personally. Quoting the person directly involved with the occupation of part of our territory, the explosions of hundreds of homes and killing thousands of our citizens.

So here was the oil painting…