Residents of Lithuania lying as “nipples” and the Parliament is in a civilized way

“My code — 7,5 degrees,” — said a group of people who tried to help a drunken woman. Lithuanian village drowning in a sea of strong beer, and policy, approving significant restriction of alcohol, the question of the prohibition of “nipple” was postponed.

After a wave of indignation in society related to the fact that the deputies approved a package of restrictions on alcohol, but have not done anything in the field of trade, strong beer, the ruling promised to speed up the process. June 13, deputies with the responsible experts discussed the problem of strong beer in one-liter plastic bottles, but concrete solutions decided to take in the autumn session.

Vice-speaker of the Parliament of Rome Baskina said Dудаш that the ban on beer is likely to appear in the second package constraints. “I hope that we will be able to act not only through prohibitions but also through education — in education programmes, more attention will be paid to discussion of the harm caused by alcohol and drugs. The main point is education. And you should see the culture of trade — whether beer or other beverages. Need more attention to the “nipple” left to left strong beer,” said Bashkina.

June 1 was taken as follows: to buy and consume alcohol can only be 20 years, in addition, the trading of alcohol will be shorter: weekdays and Saturday from 10 am to 20 PM, Sunday — 10 to 15 hours, with the exception of alcohol, which is sold in bulk and used in catering. At all public events in 2020 it will be possible to sell weak alcohol — to 7.5 degrees. However, it will be forbidden to sell alcohol on the beaches. In 2018 the country will be prohibited any advertising of alcohol.

However, on 4 may, the Parliament did not approve the proposal of the Deputy of “Order and fairness” of Living in Zemaitaitis to reduce packaging depending on the fortress of alcoholic beverages. Now the strong beer is sold in liter bottles. “We had a particular strong desire, but when the power got these “nipples” don’t know” — sorry the former Chairman of the community Yogini Armor Tracylocke. According to her, the community has tried different methods of dealing with a neighbor who drinks and this is crazy, offered and encoding.

“One woman agreed. A week never drank, we were happy that can help her. But after a week in the village shop, she again bought alcohol. The seller knew about it and asked her: you said that you encoded. “my code is 7.5 (degrees)”, this was the answer,” — said Tracylocke. According to her, she is hoping that the “peasants” will fulfill its election promises. “And now opinions were divided, saying that changes will start from 2018, the other in 2020. And why not from 1 July, at least for an hour to reduce the trading hours to 8 hours the people are not standing in front of shops waiting for “nipples”, — she was amazed, and mentioned that he had met with the “peasants” and Ramunas Karbauskis before the election that the problem of “nipple” “peasants” known. Baskina said he did not remember why the “peasants” voted against reducing the packaging of strong beer.

“Must be something in the amendment was, maybe she was not agreed. In all matters, we are trying to solve, we didn’t want to harm the business. Needs to be an agreement…. need to see both sides of the coin — we are not planning in Lithuania to ruin the business of brewers,” said she.

The Chairman of the parliamentary health Committee Agne Shirinkina confirmed that MPs, representatives of the Ministry of health and the Department of narcotics control, tobacco and alcohol were discussing methods of dealing with strong beer. One option is to follow the example of the Latvians. According to her, “nipples” in Latvia allowed to pour beer at 5.8%. “We talked about how to reduce the volume of packaging and the reduction of the fortress.

Some of the questions we asked the Department of narcotics control, tobacco and alcohol to do the research and find out what would be the real volume concentration. To reasonably furnish, if need be, negotiations with the EU. It was established in Latvia the rate of — 5.8 percent — had found out what he explained. We don’t know the arguments of the Latvians. The issue amount is not a final decision.

In addition, we talked about other alcoholic drinks not only about the strong beer, but wine, vodka in small packages,” said Shirinkina. Last week she told DELFI that to apply to the EC plan because “the peasants” civilized “We are in the EU, so must civilized negotiating. Yes, this is a negotiating procedure, Yes, over the summer we will resolve this issue”.