Radicalization: the school of Jihad

The Islamists knew the address — Lindenstrasse in Dortmund. It was necessary to pass through the arch, a second call from below, next to the words “Madrasah”. This definition is the designation of the school in which are taught the Islamic Sciences. This school may take a number of buildings, have at their disposal a large library, and may have only a single classroom.

Madrasah in Dortmund was located in the apartment, at the top of the landing on the second floor. Enter here only those who have been corresponding Islamist image. What happened behind the door of the apartment, bothered law enforcement officers, officers of protection of the Constitution. Source police reported, what is taught in this special madrassa — Jihad.

Here the common ideology of the so-called Islamic state (a terrorist organization banned in Russia — approx. ed.), stated in some official documents was available to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, NDR and WDR. Apparently, there was recruiting fighters IG. There was and Anis Amri, who was always talking about how he wants to attack in Germany. The head of this school — born in 1980 in Dortmund Boban S., which became the core group headed by preacher Salafi Abu Valay in respect of which due to suspicions of supporting terrorism investigations are conducted.

Go to IG

Boban S., who knew Anise Amri, possesses German and Serbian citizenship. Against 36-year-old man, who is in custody, the investigation on suspicion of supporting a terrorist Association abroad and the recruitment of members or supporters of gam.

The Trustee of the police said during interrogation that the 36-year-old Boban S. demanded from his disciples, so they went to war abroad. “All his actions” were aimed at the goal of the IG. In the opinion of the Trustee, the meaning of the life of S. Boban was “ministering” of the IG.

During interrogation on 13 March this year the Trustee of the militiamen said that Boban S. demanded from his disciples at one meeting, to those, finally, joined ISIS as “brothers” in Iraq and Syria have encountered difficulties. Of course, there are the bans on the part of the German authorities, but they can be bypassed. In a pinch, you can go to Syria or Iraq and walk. Refugees who came to Germany, will show how it is possible. We need to keep in mind when you analyze the path of Anise Amri.

Boban S., a supporter of the extremely hard of course

One radical Islamist, who for some time was in the IG, in Syria, have suffered much and now talks about it to investigators. During the interrogation at the end of September he said that Boban S., a supporter of the extremely hard line, he demanded the adoption of their students to the armed Jihad.

Apparently, Islamist Boban S. Amri liked and trusted him. The Tunisian was the key to the madrasah in Dortmund, he sometimes stayed there overnight. Mobile task force of the Dortmund police, which actively monitor the school and its students, said that Amri lived for some time on Sendenhorster. At least, so stated in the official documents.

That is, the authorities knew about Boban S. and Tunisian. When amry the Internet interested in chemicals that could be useful for making bombs, the police took note of this. Boban S., according to them, has facilities for laboratory experiments. He studied engineering in chemistry. However, according to militiamen, there was no reason to assume that Boban has been involved in “plans” Amri.

Plans Amri?

Given the fact, we now know, it all sounds awful. In the internal regarding Amri documents of law enforcement that was made a few days before the attack in Berlin, was identified nine of the Islamists with the photo as the contact persons of Amri. The first was Boban S. Sixth — man hails from Gelsenkirchen, which is probably Boban traveled to Europe in search of a safe routes in the “Islamic state”. And Amri wanted to get into ISIS, but apparently decided to launch an attack in Berlin.