Gabriel criticized the anti-Russian sanctions as interference in the gas market of Europe

We can consider this as a meaningful symbol: it is in the day when the Washington Post made the evening, with revelations that now the special investigator Robert Mueller (Robert Mueller) is investigating, did not hide whether Donald trump from the justice Affairs related to Russia, the U.S. Senate decided to consolidate the law declared under Barack Obama the anti-Russian sanctions, as well as to expand them. And it is with an overwhelming majority of 97 votes to two.

This is a clear vote of no confidence against Trump, because thereby should be prevented the possibility that the President is a Russophile can cancel these sanctions are simple presidential decree. But it is also proof that these investigations and the clouds gathered over the trump against Russia, foreign policy significantly limiting the capacity of this government against Moscow.

In fact, the President has large powers in the field of external relations. Even the right of declaring war after the attacks of “9/11” and the ensuing anti-terrorist struggle has gradually shifted from Congress to the President. This applies both to the presidency of George Bush (George W. Bush), and to the reign of Obama.

The government tried to stop adoption of the law

Now the Senate tries to use the non-partisan majority to counter the current President and his friendly to Putin’s instincts and uses with the investigation against trump. Because everyone in Washington knows how bad it would look, if the President put his veto against anti-Russian sanctions — even trump knows it. In addition, this law also includes sanctions against Iran for its continuing destabilizing role in the middle East. This makes it more difficult to trump the task of cancelling this law.

But the government trump the day before tried to prevent the adoption of this law. It provides for legislative approval of the existing sanctions against Russia due to the annexation of Crimea and support for the war in Eastern Ukraine and expands sanctions due to Russian manipulation of the elections in the United States and intervention in Syria. Especially should it affect future cooperation of foreign firms to the Russian energy sector.

Secretary Rex Tillerson (Rex Tillerson) for two days made all efforts to prevent the adoption of the law. Tillerson asked the Parliament to renounce the sanctions of the legislative power to the President “preserved flexibility to use sanctions to have the opportunity to respond to the constantly changing diplomatic situation.”

Constraint foreign policy freedom of action trump

But this flexibility deputies and would not provide a Trump. Because both camps have the impression that in case of doubt trump can relate to Moscow too flexible. According to media reports, the White house even considered the possibility of abolishing Obama announced punitive measures against Russia for its interference in U.S. elections, as well as to provide Russian property in Maryland that you used their secret services.

In its immediate environment contrary to the General opinion of the secret services constantly trump expressed doubt that the Russians are interfered in the elections in the United States. Remains unclear why in fact, trump refuses to recognize the reality in Moscow. So the senators prefer to avoid risk and limit the foreign policy freedom of action of the President.

Even during the election campaign, long before talking about the investigation of contacts with Russian officials, friendly to Putin, trump’s position has caused considerable concern in the foreign policy circles of America. It was a clear departure from the traditional attitude of the Republican party to Moscow. It originated in a time when the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has challenged the leading role of America in many countries of the world, and he embarked on a neo-Imperial expansion.

Republicans require rigidity, the Democrats — retribution

And despite the alarming development of the situation in the world, trump has tried during the election campaign to avoid critical words about Putin. This is the reason why relationships trump with Russia after the start of the investigation was of such proportions. For it seems that only the dark machinations to explain the foreign policy trump against Russia.

The vast majority of the Senate voted for the law on sanctions, for two reasons. This is an attempt of Republican hawks to get the President to go back to the classic hard against the conservatives to Moscow

And the Democrats want retribution for what Putin has done to their candidate, Hillary Clinton (Hillary Clinton) during the election campaign this destructive damages to a leak. Democrats suddenly mutated and also became the hawks against Russia. And the vulnerability of the President in matters relating to Moscow, gives both camps the opportunity to define the limits of its powers in foreign policy.

John McCain was the driving force behind

One of the driving forces of the law on sanctions was conservative John McCain (John McCain), an experienced politician in matters of foreign and security policy in the U.S. Senate and the permanent critic of the foreign policy trump. “The time has come to respond to the Russian attack on democracy in America, by force, determination, with the joint goals and actions,” he said.

The minority leader Charles Schumer (Charles Schumer) chose an equally hard tone. “This government is too zealous to achieve the easing of sanctions, said Schumer. We can not leave unpunished the Russian interference in our elections.” Apparently, it took in love with Russia the President to the Congress of the United States formed this non-partisan unity.

Besides trump should worry the fact that his own party along with the Democrats creates a unified front against the White house. Trump has shown himself in this position so unstable that deputies don’t want to give the foreign policy of the most powerful country in the world, only the sentiments of one man who is committed enough to think about it all of the complexity of world politics. However, the law still must pass the chamber of deputies. And the White house is already working hard behind the scenes to achieve at least some diluting.

Gabriel slams sanctions

But criticism of new sanctions comes not only from trump. Foreign Minister of Germany Sigmar Gabriel (Sigmar Gabriel) sharply criticized the United States. “Sanctions against Russia, provided now by the U.S. Senate, are a serious matter,” said Gabriel newspaper Die Welt. Thus alleged must be punished, “the Russian influence on U.S. elections”.

However, for the US it is also about something else, said the politician from the social democratic party. “The U.S. Senate gave in open form it is noteworthy to understand that the sanctions should serve as well as the expulsion of Russian from the European gas market. The Americans want to sell us gas to Europe in order to ensure American jobs and at the same time to get rid of the much-hated competitor.”

Gabriel said further, “you can’t do with each other. Such a policy is not “America first”, but rather “Only America””. In Europe — liberalised market of gas and oil, said Gabriel. Who, where and how it organizes its energy supplies, is based on a free decision of the market participants. The EU has a grid, which in the case of withdrawal of one partner can replace the supplies from the other partner. “How we Europeans will guarantee our energy — we decide ourselves, the Europeans, not the US President”.