England begins world war with the Middle East

World war will start from the Middle East. Wrote about it, and quite convincing, another thirty years of commercials ago. But then London and Paris, Barcelona is not burned, no one was shot. Then was war in the middle East and it was called where specifically — the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Now the fire in the centre of London one seems to call ISIS (banned organization in Russia — approx. ed.), the other — a consequence of the ineptitude of the ruling leaders, and the third punishment of heaven. Meanwhile, in her sinister flashes if you want you can see the features of the impending global catastrophe.

The echo of a forgotten battle, which lasted half a century

The appalling images of unprecedented fire instantly pushed to the background reports prepared by the new Islamist terrorist attacks. On the faces of the protesters reflected the British awareness that their vaunted welfare nothing more than a Mirage, a figment of their own imagination.

There is no worse disaster than the one where people suddenly seemed to have his sight, see with their own eyes not only of helplessness but also of the state which they used to believe and consider strong.

Then the defenceless citizens had fallen as if from heaven the trouble seems to be atonement for their sins. All London cries out of helplessness Theresa may and her Cabinet. People opened a simple truth — their government is powerless not only against the unnamed suicide, but accidental fires residential building. (And we here in Baku publicly resented the same fire, with far fewer victims). Long ago the streets of London resounded with cries of mass disturbance.

Single shot the terrorist in this situation of General insanity can instantly blow up the city, to send into oblivion Theresa may and all her team. But the question is not in the political future of the conservative wing of the ruling establishment. In society begin to operate the new factors of the confrontation, showing his aggravation and the involvement of new forces in the area of Finsbury Park the van crashes into a crowd of Muslims returning from a local mosque with evening prayer. An eye for an eye? Moreover, in the Holy month of Ramadan!

It’s not like it seems, for the British…

However, eyewitnesses say that the collision was absolutely intentional. The police did not contest this fact. Prime Minister Theresa may connect to investigation of the emergency Committee COBRA, which in itself means a high level of krzywousty current situation.

All this sinister resemblance,alas, distant 70-ies, when England was taken on the sight is no less powerful terrorist force, the Irish Republican army. However, in this analogy, the interest is not the similarity of the bloody attacks, and the content of social conflict, who were involved in the UK.

In the first case, she opposed the Irish, who assumed that the colonial domination of the former metropolis too long. That is, in a sense England were victim of terrorism. Moreover,it was known that the Northern Irish are outright support for Moscow. And not only moral and political. In some strange way the UN and most international organizations are not particularly interfered in the war in the British Isles, apparently agreeing with the Anglican that it would be better if they will understand with the Irish. And so it happened. However, the disassembly took almost 50 years if you count since the mid 50-ies, when it started the longest period of war, the end of which was laid only in 1998. Not now.

A war that is not declared, but is allowed

The history of war remembers many of the original methods of its development. Some disturbed young man puts a bullet in the forehead, arrived in the country ERTS-Duke, and the next day begins to burn half of Europe, and then almost the whole world.

Hitler is generally considered a Declaration of war a relic of the past. Isn’t it better in the dark to throw tanks across the border of another victim! Who judges the winner? By the end of 2014 England suddenly arrogated to themselves the right to bomb Iraq under the pretext of revenge “Islamic state” fighters which attacked tourists in the Mediterranean, among whom were sufferers and the citizens of England. It would be possible to admire the determination of England,if not for one very controversial circumstance. After leading world powers — the United States and France in combat with the military-political organization, is of no internationally recognized state, enters England. But what does the civil war-torn Syria, are asking in different parts of Europe.

If you listen to the militants of the “Islamic state”, accused by London in the latest attacks in London and Manchester, folding their arms they are not going. Therefore, the war? So, on a small patch of land,enveloped in raging flames of war have accumulated US troops, who heads the Western coalition, and in which the UK takes on a special role of the shock force. In connection with this statement actualizarea question: how are you going British security services to neutralize ISIS? To carry out raids after each Bang in the centre of London? Parachute or in the country, where the forces of radical Islamists? Apparently, England is in full accord with the plans of the Western coalition, trashing not only the terrorist group called the armed opposition.

At the same time London is going to take control of every country caught in the actions of ISIS. But it is expansion, aggression, war — troubled reader. True. And just (June 18), she received quite an official confirmation. Happened what had long been expected. News agencies informed Russia’s statement that from June 19, Moscow terminated the Memorandum with the United States on flights over Syria after coalition forces, the US shot down a Syrian fighter-bomber su-22.

The defense Ministry qualifies the destruction of the aircraft by the Syrian air force US aircraft in Syrian airspace as a “cynical violation of the sovereignty” of Syria, and “the repeated military actions of the United States air force under the guise of “fighting terrorism” illegal armed forces of a member state of the UN” — military aggression.

While the world press writes that the aim of Islamic terrorism taken London, the middle East is erupted another round of regional war, in which Britain plays an increasingly active role. And it began, the new middle East war of England with the legislative act, which even the English Prime Minister Cameron held a Parliament, thus obtaining carte Blanche to de facto Declaration of war against Iraq, extending it very soon, Syria.

Incidentally, Damascus then, in 2014, not ever previously didn’t threaten apart from her for thousands of miles at the Northern extremity of Europe England. It’s hard to say which of the arguments for waging war in the most dangerous region of the world did a pliant Parliament. Maybe the fact that the Prime Minister claimed that ISIS represents a “major threat to the security of the UK”.

Maybe his assurances that the aim of the airstrikes will only ISIS and that talk of a ground operation involving the British military? This excursion into the history of how English bombardirovschiki appeared in the sky of Syria is often cited by Western media as evidence of legality, so to speak, of the legal purity of the present war of great Britain and the West in General in the middle East. And now and then at the beginning of the undeclared two-faced point of view.


The leader of the labour party Jeremy Corbyn warned England: “Today in the sky of Syria is too many planes chasing too many goals.” He said the leader of the liberal Democrats Tim Farron: “What pushes me to vote in support of the campaign most of all is resolution 2249 (Council) of the United Nations, which calls for the eradication of the refuge, which ISIS has in Syria. It not only allows the UK and encourages this country and all others, who is able to do, to take all necessary actions to get rid of ISIS.” London was closer this approach to the interpretation of what is happening.

Summing up

Looks like ISIS meets London in his own style. While British aircraft (significantly increased over the past three years) continues to inflict strikes on the positions of the “Islamic state” in Syria, the rebels take on the sight of ordinary Britons in London. That is to say, what is seen on television.

Newspapers periodically reported some of the things that is hidden from the eyes of. They read like a detective story Daily Express about how the British SAS special forces disguised as militants of the “Islamic state”, acting in Syria in a coalition special operations forces (SSO), under the command of the United States, “by identifying and destroying equipment and ammunition to Islamists”.

And this despite the fact that approximately 75-80 percent of the electorate labour party opposes British involvement in the war in Syria. Journalist jürgen Todenhofer, who visited the territory controlled by ISIS came to the conclusion that British bombs are one of the main reasons why the West face of Islamic terrorism.

“Bombs kill mostly innocent people and it’s helping ISIS to recruit recruits.” I remember in the beginning of the Syrian campaign of the British armed forces, someone from the English experts noted that the military operation will last about three years. Some time passed and the British defense Secretary Michael Fallon said: for the victory of ISIS may take years…

Now I see the situation differently. In particular, in Moscow, I think the main thing is that, as noted by the chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal Fatherland” Victor murakhovski, “failed to prevent the disaster… Then the question was about the fall of Damascus and the fall of the Assad regime. It is clear that now it is not, Assad became a party to the negotiations.”

And this despite the fact that the real Bashar al-Assad today controls about 20 of the country’s territory, of which he is President. However, Moscow cannot ignore the fact that in military terms, the British air attack confirmed one strategic point — the British military base in Cyprus was in the right place at the right time. It is not only the vulnerability of Damascus. Similarly, British aircraft British aircraft, if necessary, can “get” objects in Palestine, in Egypt (near the Suez canal, for example) or in Libya.

The British base on Cyprus provides surveillance of the Straits. The impression is that London returns to Imperial politics. Or, as it happens to former empires, Britain just nostalgic for the old relics. Most likely the latter. After the appearance of military aircraft in the skies of Syria, as the execution of orders from London, have been and remain the consequence of military and political will of Washington.

But the problem is global that the trump does not know when and how to get out of the Syrian morass. It is terrible premonition of a great war. Not hot, and cold that will cost the world.