Police acknowledged the disappearance of 58 people in a fire in London

The number of missing in a fire in a high rise building in West London is 58 people, told journalists the representative of police of London Stewart Kandy.

“Unfortunately, currently (has — ed) 58 missing that night in Grenfell Tower, and which, presumably, was killed,” said Kandy.

According to him, among the missing included 30 fatalities reported earlier. Kandy noted that these people were in the house the night of the fire and, presumably, they all died.

We will remind, a fire in a 24-storey social apartment house in a not very prosperous area of London – North Kensington — occurred in the night of Wednesday.

Killed at least 30 people, 24 injured are in hospitals, 12 of them are in critical condition.

According to firefighters, about 120 families have been affected by fire.