John Lewis, a tool of Putin

Friday, 13 January 2017, Congressman from Georgia John Lewis (John Lewis) told the program Meet the Press NBC News that Donald trump will not be a week of “legitimate President.” The only reason that he cited is presumably Russian hacker attacks in the November elections, which allegedly helped Trump and nullify the chances of Hillary Clinton.

That is, speaking very clearly, Lewis has not relied on any statements (which were not) that Russia manipulated by the voting process. Further, he did not lean upon approval (which was not) that the Russians were spreading misinformation, for example, fully or partially forged documents. From his claims of alleged Russian intervention remains, only the emails of the democratic National Committee (NIR), published by Wikileaks (allegedly received the documents from Russian hackers), true, genuine e-mails in which, among other things, first disclosed (in publications made in July and October) that the Committee preferred Clinton to her opponent Bernie Sanders (Bernie Sanders), and secondly, in a publication made at the end of October, provided evidence that the Clinton staff had prior issues of the debate with trump.

Of course, on the basis of these truthful facts Lewis publicly claimed that Hillary does not become (and later became) a legitimate Democratic candidate. No, he didn’t do it.

We can all admit that candidate to Trump the publication of WikiLeaks, and, consequently, the alleged actions of Russia have benefited.

However, no one, including Lewis, does not imply that the actions of WikiLeaks or Russian hackers were initiated by the candidate trump or carried out with his participation, even when he claimed on July 27 that before at the request of Hillary with servers was erased tens of thousands of documents, which were of interest as the Ministry of justice and plaintiffs in civil suits, they could get Russia.

Russia allegedly tried to attack the national Republican Committee (NRC), but they failed because the RNC to protect themselves. On the contrary, the NIR left his door wide open.

We should note that in 1972 the doors of the offices in the Watergate NIR was locked. Until 2016 and during its NIR has not taken basic measures to protect your regular e-mail. NIR also lightly treated their own safety in this time as Hillary — to the national security in the period from 2009 to 2013, when she served as Secretary of state, and then, after she left her position in 2013 as its official mail kept stored on her private servers until the moment in March 2015 its servers was detected.


Of course, starting from the investigation on the use of Hillary’s private server as Secretary of state and the storage of documents on these servers after the end of her term of tenure, Lewis publicly claimed that Hillary would not meet the requirements necessary to run for President. But no, he did not.

Lewis supported it, formally put forward her candidacy for the democratic Convention and campaigned for it even in November.

When it became clear that Hillary in 2009, upon assuming the office of Secretary of state and saying the oath, decided to establish a private server (actually, it was four), she gave a few arguments.

One of them was her personal convenience. The second is her desire to protect her personal email (she claimed that tens of thousands of destroyed emails were personal mail). However, we know that her personal servers, such as the NIR available to hackers, Russian or any other. She was able to protect my personal e-mail, only by destroying it, not storing it on a personal server. Not surprisingly, what candidate trump in July 2016 could believe that the Russian hacker attacks have received numerous e-mails from the server Hillary was able to publish them (via WikiLeaks).

So how do John Lewis becomes a tool of Putin? It is generally believed that, if a hacker attack was undertaken by the Russian, Putin took a personal part. It is also customary to assume that, regardless of whether one of his goals victory in the election trump, not Hillary, Putin sought to sow discord and jeopardize the legitimacy of the November elections. When Lewis began to argue that trump illegally occupies the post of President, he turned into an instrument of Putin.

That would be like John Lewis from trump? If he wanted to trump abandoned his position before the inauguration? After the inauguration, in accordance with our Constitution, neither the President trump, or anyone else cannot call for new elections. Would like John Lewis to trump did not fulfill their presidential duties, and did not put forward candidates in the Cabinet? Or proposed bills? Or not addressed to Congress or to the people? Or not conducted negotiations with leaders of foreign countries? Or did not give orders to the armed forces? If he wanted to trump resigned from the post of President? If Yes, then the President will be Pence (Pence), but he won from the Russian hacking is not less than trump. In this case, is Paul Ryan (Paul Ryan). Whether Lewis is happy with this?

Honestly, Lewis acted like a fanatic. He tried to “put a spoke in the wheel” to prevent the constitutional process of the elections, which he swore to protect. And this is happening for the second time. The same thing he did before the inauguration of George W. Bush in 2001. Using the freedom of speech, Lewis and his opinion about the legitimacy of President trump, which many share, is a threat to the United States as a constitutional Republic.

Lewis justified complains of foreign interference in our elections, but the subject of his complaint must be Hillary Clinton, NIR, WikiLeaks, Russia, but not President trump.

Maybe Lewis wants the President to trump apologized for fetched them the benefit of the presumably Russian intervention, although trump did not do this for nothing, he only used this benefit. In the last few months people insisted that Trump should apologize for various statements and speeches, they reviled him, and he doesn’t apologize. Lewis should apologize to President trump and to our country as well as justice Ginsburg (Justice Ginsburg) apologized in July 2016, she said, “reckless” comments about candidate trump. Lewis needs to prove that he is worthy of the presidential medal of Freedom, which he received in 2011. When President Obama handed the award, he noted that Lewis is the “Conscience of Congress”. May he show himself and apologize. If Lewis doesn’t apologize, we should wear it with the same words, uttered by a chorus of delegates to the constitutional Assembly in the musical “1776”, when they shout to John Adams: “Sit down, John, sit down!”

Mark my words, Congressman: I know that You were elected 16 times in Congress, has never received less than 69% of the votes, six times — not having a competitor (is it a democracy?). However, if you don’t work hard to provide your electorate work, education, until you make the streets safe for his electorate, Your seat in Congress in January 2019 will be occupied by a Republican trump.