Separate and unequal

On the website you can find out what NYU students demanded “to allocate an entire floor of a multifunctional building in the southern quarter of Southern Superblock campus only for students whose skin color differs from white, and one for gay students”. In the “University of the city of Oberlin students demanded to provide “a safe place for black students.” In 2016, the University of California in San Francisco was designated “floor at a hostel in the African style.”

Leo Hohmann (Leo Hohmann) describes as “a private, liberal arts University town of Jacksonville, Illinois, defended his policy limits in the study of certain sections of a mandatory course introduced for black students, although one of the stated objectives of education is to “teach students to understand and respect diversity in the society””. In an effort to increase graduation rates among black students, University of Connecticut “implements a new “bold” strategy that will help increase an extremely low percentage of black male graduates. The plan involves the Association of black young men-students in a group of 40 people and placing them in a separate part of one of the dormitories to which access for white students and students of Asian descent will be closed. Thus is created what the University calls “academic community””. But the University of Vermont “highlights a safe space for white students to enable them to study the concept of “white privilege” (a term denoting privilege people with white skin in obtaining social benefits — approx.ed.)”.

Walter Williams (Walter Williams) believes that because so many black College students are not prepared to work, “for the administration of colleges and faculty who hold left-wing views, is not so much the real fate of the black students, as those positive emotions that they experience because of the presence on campus of black students.” Williams argues that “yielding to such demands, the administration of the College violates its duty”.

Anyway, on the website published “list of hundreds of “demands” put forward by the movements of black students at universities across the country. Among many of these requirements calls for a significant reduction in the number of white teachers and the allocation of individual safe places for black students.” At the University of Missouri have demanded the creation of a “zone of psychological relief only for black students.” White students asked to leave the premises and meet in a different place. In 2015, the administration coffeehouses Motley Coffeehouse at the women’s College Scripps College said that the school will be opened “from 6:00 to 10:00 only for colored students and their invited friends and there they will be able to relax, to organize discussions, to feel sad, to plan and support each other.”

In the College town of Oberlin was required to “allocate on-campus space that could become a safe place for students who belong to the African race [SIC]”. Harvard University “black students graduating in 2017, decided to hold a separate ceremony [at the launch]”. According to the students, “organize a separate prom is an attempt to draw attention to the difficulties and the psychological issues they face in the learning process”.

In this regard, recall thesis Michelle Lavon Robinson (Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, later Michelle Obama, wife of Barack Obama — approx. TRANS.), which was called the “Black Princeton alumni and the black community” (“Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community”). In their work, the future first lady “wondered whether [her] a Princeton education impact on [her] identification with the black population”. In this case, Ms. Robinson argued that “the relative sense of comfort that [respondents] may experience while interacting with blacks in comparison with whites (and Vice versa) in various activities reflects the ease with which respondents feel against blacks compared with whites. That, in turn, indicates the degree of personal attachment of the respondents to the colored people as individuals compared to white”. What about 31 years ago, this nonsense was the theme of the thesis, a graduate of Princeton University, explains why the presidency of Barack Obama, fixated on racial topic, no surprise.

Following this line of thinking, Courtney woods (Courtney Woods), which is completing work on a master’s thesis in educational policy and management at the Harvard school, argues that “the institutional framework of Harvard is in direct contradiction with the needs of black students. “At Harvard, which was founded as an educational institution for training of the growing imperialist leaders, preserved the vestiges of slavery, epistemic racism and colonization. This is the story that we are reviving,” she writes. Michael Huggins (Michael Huggins) who finishes the master’s degree in “public policy” at Harvard school of management John. F. Kennedy, claims that “it gives the opportunity to appreciate the outstanding quality and the brilliant abilities of the “black Harvard””.

That came to an end the spirit which once inspired the University. Imagine what will rise a shout if students sign up for the course lectures, you will find that some sections can learn “white only”.

As explained by Frank Furedi (Frank Furedi), “a new learning community living together black students” explicitly created “is not in order to expand experience and enrich the culture in the conditions of living together in the campus”. But, according to Huggins, “it’s not segregation. “It’s about brotherhood, about community building, community. This gives you extra time to make sure that we are included in the labor community, together with supporters standing near us. We are all partners”, — he said.

Horace Cooper (Horace Cooper), a member of Project 21 (dealing with public policy — approx. TRANS.), wonders about what such a policy differ from the law, Jim crow (Jim Crow) in force on the “far South” (in several southern States of the USA — approx. ed.). There is “white forbade blacks to enjoy the same outdoor drinking fountains that they are. And forced them to go to public schools, is “only for black”. There is no difference… between a supporter of racial segregation, Jim crow and the “progressive” Professor, who claim that segregation is “only for blacks” is good.”

Brandon Morse (Brandon Morse) noted that the University of Chicago student organization UChicago United “published a list of 50 requirements, mainly aimed at expanding and strengthening the racial policies at the University.” These include requirements “to provide separate housing, to introduce the six courses racial focus and to include in the curriculum of the course of sociology that focuses on the history of Islam.”

And on the other side of the Atlantic, “April, 2015 students’ Union University College London published on its website a statement in support of the decision of the student Union of the University of London goldsmiths, University of London. They demanded not to allow men and white people meeting devoted to anti-racism campaigns because “it is very important to have a space for identity, but the reality is that it is impossible to carry out the necessary discussions, while in the same room with those who you oppressed — even if they don’t say anything. Students from black and ethnic minorities used to live, are constantly faced with the manifestations of “microaggression”. Sometimes they are so used to such aggression that I cease to notice it. Until someone like them will not tell them about something terrible that they had experienced””.

Lest anyone think that such segregation is due only to the melanin levels in the human body, read an editorial in the British newspaper The Guardian. You can learn from it, “that the universities of the United Kingdom… which includes over 130 organizations working in the sphere of science and education, spoke out in defense of “voluntary” gender segregation at meetings of non-religious in nature in public institutions… in order to protect freedom of expression in accordance with the law.” In other words, if he is speaking in front of a mixed audience, not feeling comfortable, women have to change on the back. Such cases are many, and “endless propaganda aimed at the expansion of the boundaries of the permissible”, is becoming the norm. Thus, during a public debate at the Academy of Islamic research & education (Islamic Education and Research Academy) of those who objected to the separation of the audience were asked to leave. In fact, “Islam is in conflict with a modern agenda for the observance of civil liberties.”

Furedi explains that in “the strange world of politics, student unions with the requirement to leave space might face a representative of any group.” So, initiative group of support of LGBT rights the National Union of students said that white men are homosexual have almost the same privileges as white heterosexual men. Moreover, “the members of this support group stated that gays become complicit in the oppression of others. They say that “in the LGBTQ+ communities often present such things as misogyny, transphobia, racism and biphobia”. And that such acts of oppression “are more likely to happen when the society is dominated by white gay men””. Consequently, this segregation on College campuses involves dividing by race and gender, and it is based on the idea that “to create a safe space at the conference on equality issues can be only those “experts” on issues of equality that are gay, disabled or ethnic minorities”.

It is no accident that the categorical requirements that contradict Western principles of society impose blacks, leftist, and United Muslims living under Sharia law. Whatever of success it achieved black Americans and whatever living conditions nor was designed for Muslim students, it is important to understand that their demands will never cease. After all, their ultimate goal is to belittle and ultimately destroy Western values. Therefore, “their main goal is to split the campus on racial lines”. Interestingly, “students require to “remove” their part of the campus of many people, but insist on the inclusion in the syllabus for the study of Islam.”

This is the requirement to separate Muslims and blacks like some ominous omen. Melanie Phillips (Melanie Phillips) writes about the “red-black-green-Islamic axis.” She says: “At first glance, the “love Union” between the groups of the left and Islamists is an Association rather unexpected and highly unlikely. A significant part of left-wing advocates of militant secularism and social agenda, and, therefore, sexual promiscuity and gay rights and for women’s equality that is a fundamental issue. However, hiding behind the slogans “Freedom for Palestine” and “Not to spill blood for oil”, they go shoulder to shoulder with the Islamists, who consider it necessary subordination of women, stoning adulterers, killing homosexuals and apostates”.

As he wrote David Horowitz (David Horowitz), based on the Alliance of leftists and Islamists is a logical development of their traditional hostility towards America and the West. After the fall of communism, the left did not conclude that they were wrong (in fact, it is even in a head could not come). Instead, they just changed their belief system and perpetuate their revolutionary illusions, armed with a new nihilistic and anti-Western agenda, aspects of which were Islamism, the movement to protect the environment and gay rights.

Indeed, many of these black students imbued with the ideas of people such as Angela Davis (Angela Davis). In 1989 she helped create the first Union of black students, “eventually grew into a movement, participants of which demanded to include in University curriculum the course of study of the history, culture and contemporary life of the peoples of Africa and African Americans”. A fanatical Communist Davis “teaches at the University of California at Santa Cruz. In 1979, the police state of East Germany awarded her the Lenin peace prize. It played an important role in supplying weapons to the “Black Panthers”, which of these weapons killed a Marin County judge in a failed attempt to free from prison lover Davis — the killer of a member of the Black Panthers George Jackson (George Jackson)”. Davis argues that “for black people is the only way to liberation is the path that will lead to a complete and radical overthrow of the capitalist class.”

According to the Center for security policy (Center for Security Policy), “international movement against violence against black people Black Lives Matter, organization supporters of Bernie Sanders (Bernie Sanders) have United in solidarity with loyalists from the organization “Muslim brotherhood” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) and other jihadists, Marxists, leftists, progressives and even with a convicted American terrorist bill Ayers (Bill Ayers), former leader of the leftist militant organization the Weather Underground”. The sole purpose of this “red-green axis”, which includes such organizations as the U.S. branch of the “Muslim Brothers”, the movement Black Lives Matter and a number of Communists, leftists, progressives and socialists, is to discredit the U.S. government.

According to one of the authors of the book “crimes of the educators” (Crimes of the Educators) Alex Newman (Alex Newman), “the Americans must understand that this extreme ideology and extremism, currently have penetrated the education system at all levels — from preschools to universities. In fact, educational institutions no longer do what normal people consider education or scientific activity.”

“Balkanization” of students — their division into groups along racial lines — and the reluctance of management education institutions to discontinue the practice of holding separate classes leads to a spread in American schools dangerous illness. It is clear that the demand to create restricted space on the principle of “secretiveness” and rejection of “outsiders” and call it “social justice” is just an eloquent hypocritical statements with the use of euphemisms made in an attempt to disguise the hazardous activities harmful to the interests and rights of other people.

In all of this is very strong Orwellian subtext.