The Union state of Russia and Belarus no longer – the expert on Lukashenka’s refusal from participation in the EEU

The refusal of President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko from participation in the St. Petersburg summit of the Eurasian economic Union (EEU), and others as his harsh statements and actions show that the Union of Moscow and Minsk has cracked. This opinion was expressed by former Ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus Roman Bezsmertny commentary site, “Gordon”.

“Lukashenka’s actions can be simply explained. But no matter how much he vibracija, he’s nothing. The entire economy of Belarus is in the hands of the Kremlin, all the resources of the state, security and defense controlled by the Russian Federation”, – he stressed.

“Lukashenka’s actions can be regarded as theatre. But it is clear that the Union state of Russia and Belarus have not. Is the opinion of certain persons, on which the Union rested, began budget cuts and funding certain programs for the next year. There are lots of problems. It is obvious that the gap of coordination and the Eurasian Union. But I wouldn’t do it on big bets because Lukashenka behaves depending on who and what he was promised. So the show will continue,” – said the immortal.

He stressed that Moscow needs to pay, and Lukashenka takes “the shirt with the Belarusians, together with pants and underwear”.

According to the expert, all actions of the President of Belarus has economic reasons. “The last nine months, Russia is blackmailing him over the price of oil and gas, and the contract is still not signed. In parallel, Lukashenko stepped up negotiations with the IMF. Since Belarus has complied with previous agreements, the mission says that the loan of Belarus is possible. Plus certain individuals were removed sanctions on the West. Say, the accounts in the US is three times more money than the amount about which there is dispute between Moscow and Minsk. This situation pushes Lukashenko to certain conversations and actions,” the diplomat said.

As reported, in St. Petersburg December 26 summits of the Eurasian economic Union (EEU) and the Organization of collective security Treaty (CSTO). The summit was not without surprises – the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko without warning did not come to the event. The official explanation on this matter from Minsk received.