For Ukrainians rose again communal: rate the maintenance of the house increased two times

In Kiev, the city government has decided to increase the tariff for the maintenance of the house and adjoining territory for most high-rise buildings. Salaries of janitors are growing, and maintenance of elevators and services for garbage collection more expensive, a result of the service of the company requested to revise the existing tariffs. This is not the first appreciation of communal this summer. Also the people of Kiev starting from June will have to pay more for water. The website “Today” to find out why the change in tariffs.

What and why rose

In Kiev the local authorities took decisions on average two-fold increase in the tariff for the maintenance of the house and local area. If used for one square meter had to pay three hryvnia, after the revision of the tariff of one meter will rise to 6.43 UAH. For example, for maintenance of home and local area the apartment is 70 square meters needed on average to pay 210 hryvnia, after the price increase the amount in the payment will increase to 471 USD.

Note that the tariff for the maintenance of the house and the local area include the costs of cleaning, maintenance of elevators, garbage removal, minor repairs, etc. the Tariff at the request of the service companies has the right to increase the local authority. This is the only utility service tariffs which is determined by city councils. The price of gas set by the government, and the cost of water, heating and light – national Commission.

The new tariffs in Kiev set for 8.3 thousand high-rise buildings (only in the capital of 11 thousand multi-storey buildings). Note that condominiums have the right to service the home and local area, as well as set the fare collectively.

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Recall, this is not the only price increase for utilities. At the end of may also rose cold and hot water in some cities of Ukraine. The tariff for water supply, every company calculates for itself. The cost of services includes salaries, electricity (it work the pumps), repair, taxes, depreciation, etc. Dependent on equipment, jobs, health, the cost of water from different companies are different.

How to change the tariffs on cold water:

  • “Kyivvodocanal” – from 13.77 to 15.79 UAH per cubic meter
  • “Loovvool” – from 10.49 to 13.41 hryvnia per cubic meter
  • “Raveolution” – from 13.38 to 15.84 hryvnia per cubic meter
  • “Dniprovodokanal” – from 12.45 to 13.32 USD per cube
  • “Hmelnickogo” – from 11.49 to 13.91 hryvnia per cubic meter

The price of hot water:

  • “Teplokommunenergo lighthouse” (Vinnitsa) – 78,23 to 80,62 hryvnias for a cube (with towel rail)
  • “Vinnitsaoblenergo” – 73,03 to 74,42 hryvnia per cubic meter

The government has accumulated billions of debt for the grant

The subsidy applies not only to heating, water and electricity, but also the maintenance of the house and local area. So, subsidiaty instead of 300 grivnas you can pay, for example, rent only 30 hryvnia. The rest should be covered by the government. At the moment, according to the representative of the civil network OPORA Tetiana Boiko, in different cities of Ukraine, the state does not pay subsidies already from three to six months. “In some houses off the elevators, not a good time to take out the trash. Municipal enterprise was in a catastrophic situation,” – said the expert during a round table “Subsidy and debts for gas: myths and reality”.

The total amount of subsidies and benefits only to condominiums – about 500 million hryvnia. For example, the debt of the state subsidies to maintain the house and pridomovyh site just in front of one condominium “Binom” – more than 77 thousand hryvnias, wrote on his Facebook page the Chairman of osmd Julia Sabatus.

At the same time, part of a condominium laid down in the tariff for the maintenance of the house and adjacent territory maintenance costs and repayment of loans. And due to the fact that the state does not allocate money for grants, condominiums nothing to pay not only for the removal of the house and service of elevators, but nothing to pay for the loans.

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The Ministry of social policy explain: the funds which are budgeted are insufficient in order to Finance the subsidies. About 10 billion hryvnias unused, but already allocated for the grant funds, the state will return in the near future, says the Director of the Department Minsotspolitiki Vitaly muzichenko. Only after that the Ministry will clearly be able to calculate how much money is not enough. “When we finish the return of the unused amounts in the budget. Then we can say that need a certain amount and its not enough”, – says the official.

The Ministry of Finance estimated that this year the subsidies need to spend about 75 billion hryvnia. To Finance, the Cabinet must prepare a decision on the draft amendments to the budget. To vote this decision before the recess, otherwise the money will end, and means for the preparation for the heating season as service providers is not enough.

The budget for this year is already distributed, and to find 10-15 billion in subsidies, they need somewhere or someone to pick up. The funds that will be added in the budget by raising the minimum wage, will be directed to the “modernizing” of pensions. How to solve the problem of financing grants is currently unknown. Recently, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman said that the government will ask the Parliament to allocate an additional 15 billion.