Great decision Putin

In the last two days have been four telephone conversations between the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson against the backdrop of threats of the U.S. government against Syria. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin in his first letter to US President Donald Trump before meeting in Hamburg confirmed that Moscow has not received evidence of the U.S. accusations against the Syrian government, which resulted in a unilateral missile strike on Syria. Putin expressed Moscow’s readiness in case of receiving confirmed information join the American inquiry on Syria in a joint delegation to thorough research of the places referred to in the reports, to take a unified position on this issue with US (we are talking about materials related to chemical attacks — approx. ed.). Moscow confirms its readiness to conduct joint actions with the Americans, of course, if Washington will show the same willingness. If this decision is going to cause condemnation from Syria, Moscow would not doubt the decisions that were taken at that time as Washington, if necessary, have to justify the actions of Syria, the Syrian President, his armies and apologize to them.

The response from the White house is striking. The US said that there are no papers but there are intelligence based on comparison with similar events that occurred previously. Russia sent a warning the meaning of which is that Russia came to Syria not as a “tourist”, but for the sake of military action with missiles and military aircraft. Russia seeks to humiliate and undermine respect for the United States, and this is something that cannot be tolerated. Russian-American telephone talks between Lavrov and Tillerson has not yet led to the adoption of the main decisions. And the question is, what will happen if the US strike, based on Russian information on the preparation of an incident similar to what happened in Khan Sheyhun? The decision taken by President Putin, is to inform Washington that any fabricated case involving the use of chemical weapons after this warning will be treated as a pretext to justify attacks on Syria and the obstacle to Russian forces in the fight against ISIS (banned in Russia — approx. ed.). He also said that Russia will take appropriate measures in case of American aggression. Russia no longer views the US as an ally in the war against ISIS. And this means the abolition of meetings and coordination for the presidential and lower levels, the activation of the stations in Siberia on early warning of missile attack, the redeployment of modern aircraft for operations in Syria and bringing systems “S 400” in full combat readiness to prevent the flight of any “unidentified objects” in Syrian airspace.

The Minister of defense made a statement that the Syrian government has taken seriously the warning of Washington on the inadmissibility of the use of chemical weapons after the arrival of the American fleet during the reign of President Barack Obama. President Putin gave the order to shoot down missiles fired from U.S. battleships to force Obama to make a decision on the return of the American fleet and begin the search for a political solution. Today, the Russian messages come along with the victories of the Syrian army and its large-scale promotion in the North, South and East of the country, and also with the liberation of Mosul and the beginning of the countdown of the existence of ISIS. Americans feel the risk of failure of their enterprise, while the Russians feel themselves to be winners.

West Asia extends from the Mediterranean sea to China. Due to its geographical position Russia has extended in its influence, as once the United States to war in Iraq, Afghanistan and beyond, for the sake of laying the foundations for a new world order, who once said President Putin, will begin after the end of the war in Syria.