“I want to be happy.” Rule of Mikhail Labkovsky and fulfillment

As goes the famous saying, every person is searching for better. The best thing in life is happiness. Happiness is the maximum personal realization in love, friendship, family, children, profession – all that talented a person is and what he wants to try” – his verdict Mikhail Labkovsky, a psychologist with extensive experience.

Gets you frustrated or you’ll be able to look back on your life with satisfaction, is entirely dependent on you since the moment you stepped over the threshold of the house with the aim to conquer the world. Keep my confidence, ambitions, aspirations difficult. But not impossible. The famous rule of Mikhail Labkovsky work and then when you think about self-fulfillment and a happy life.

  • “Do only what you want”. You often inferior in the result of doing unloved and unnecessary thing? It’s never too late to change the minus into plus and to do what you love and what you dream about. It seems that it is almost impossible. But when you feel like behind grow wings, the difficulties seem insurmountable.
  • “Don’t do anything you don’t want to do”. You probably noticed the pressure of public opinion, which continually tells you what to do with work, family, children, themselves. Even more pressure can be in the family and the team. Remember: your life is yours alone. You gave her is not in debt. What to spend, only you decide.
  • “Just to say that I don’t.” To accumulate negative emotions is not worth it. Everywhere. Where there are people, the team, the relationship may be discontent. The ability to build boundaries, to insist on and not endure a single minute of bad attitude will come in handy at any time.
  • “Not to answer when one does not ask.” You hear about problems and tasks, and not enough time to figure out how your lips say “let me do it.” How much time that should be spend on yourself, you spend on the junk you other people’s business? It is time to bring audit!
  • “To answer the question.” A conversation on the merits – a serious conversation. Whatever gave you the alarm if it exists, is to deal with it, not talking.
  • “Figuring out the relationship, talking only about yourself.” Relationship is a very important part of our lives. Much easier to keep them without discussing and criticizing the other person, if he didn’t ask for. But at the same time not to allow such relations to itself.

According to psychologist, if you’re determined to fulfill your potential and become happy, you also will need self-sufficiency, independence, including financial, ability not to put my happiness and solution to their problems dependent on others and to rely on themselves.

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You will find love, if you love yourself, and be interesting to the world if going to be interesting to yourself.

In Ukraine Mikhail Labkovsky will hold two meetings with the audience in Odessa on 16 February, in Kiev on February 18.