Maksim Shkil takes care of children’s rehabilitation centers in Zhytomyr region

Maksim Shkil more than five years helping orphans and children with disabilities who are in educational-rehabilitation centres in Zhytomyr region.

In 2013, he helped pass the reorganization Denisovskogo training and rehabilitation center, which has become hostage to bureaucratic abuse. Today, the institution study 92 children who need specialized care specialists. Kids come from all over the Zhytomyr region, live here, study, rest. The team pays considerable attention to the conditions in which the twenty-four hours a day are children. State funding enough to pay the staff, the warmth and nutrition of the pupils. All other economic problems help to solve benefactors.

“Thanks to the help of the founder of the charity Fund “Together to the future” Maksim Shkil, we were able to strengthen material-technical base of our institution, to create conditions in which our children feel at home. This orthopedic furniture for schools, computer lab, and Board, and textbooks and air conditioning in the auditorium and the television for the speech therapy room. We are happy to have a friend with a big heart and hard word,” said the Director of the center Galina Shpak.

In the center are the rehabilitation of children who need language correction and psychological rehabilitation. Even the most complex cases here become success stories.

“There are children who, when they came to us, expressed through onomatopoeia, facial expressions and gestures. Now they dance, sing, tell poems. This is our common victory: the work of the team and the Herculean efforts of kids. We are proud of them”, – says Irina Kravchuk, Deputy Director on educational work.

In the Regional center socially-psychological rehabilitation of children “Sunny house” joyfully greeted the volunteers of the charity Fund “Together to the future” and the founder of the Foundation, who presented the school a computer class, system and assists in the improvement of the material base. The attention children receive is priceless, says the Director of the institution Valentina Sinko.

Within five years the Foundation together with staff of the centre carries out several social projects with the use of interactive techniques for children: “Kid”, “Joy baby”, “Students to children”.

Attention, warmth and support received over a thousand children.

The press service of the Charity Fund “Together to the future”