Ukrainians continue to “storm” the EU border

As of 6 a.m. on June 17 since the introduction of bezveza the border with the EU countries crossed by more than 365 thousand citizens of Ukraine. This reports the press center of the state border service of Ukraine.

Almost 74 thousand of our compatriots during a trip used a biometric passport. Of these, 12 875 Ukrainians took advantage of it the benefits of a visa-free regime and crossed the border with biometric passport.

Heading to Europe in the framework of visa-free travel 3750 citizens, and that 29% used air transport. Others followed by train or crossing the border in the automobile checkpoints on the border with the EU, most of which are on the border with Poland (5210 citizens of Ukraine) and Hungary (1805 citizens of Ukraine).

Note that only during the day from 6 a.m. Friday the border with the EU countries crossed by more than 4 thousand of our compatriots.

Since the introduction of bezveza at the border denied 17 citizens of Ukraine.

We will remind that the visa-free regime between Ukraine and the EU started to work since June 11.