Technology exchange center (CBT): reviews and advice on trading

Company technology exchange Center (CBT) was created to tell people about how to properly dispose of their funds to insure themselves against all possible risks.

Unlike banks that don’t tell investors is it profitable today to open a Deposit, CBT bases its activities on sharing experience with investors in relation to relevant instruments of earnings.

CBT is: assistant, offering advice on Forex trading that can take place in the very specialized offices, which are located in many cities of Ukraine and online if it is more convenient to the client.

The year of Foundation


Number of offices

11 offices in major cities of Ukraine


Mon-Fri, from 10.00 to 19.00


TeleTrade, Forex Optimum,, charity project, “Help”, “Money plus”

Main products

Investment, training, consulting, trading, manpower, analysis

Training programs

Express training on the financial markets Express investor training, 3-week practical training trader, individual consultations

Themes Pro courses

Short-term trading strategies, waves, Vegas, Trading strategies Alexander elder, Elliott Wave, Magic of the Fibonacci numbers, the Breakdown of the bill Williams fractal, etc.


In each city regularly hosts educational workshops, seminars, market discussion, Cash Flow, etc.

Detailed information about the company and locations of offices, where advice on trading, you can find on the Internet, putting in search box “technology exchange center”.

The website of the company is a handy navigation system by means of which You’ll learn how to get training on Forex, and most importantly, get advice on trading from scratch.

Advice on trading on the stock exchange

The centre promotes traditional investment instruments such as: currency pairs, stocks, the world’s largest companies, securities, raw materials, non-ferrous metals.

The company operates not on a simple investment, and to fully introduce the newbie to the world of stock trading and all the nuances of trading.

Technology exchange center, which is available in the shared Internet space, and on the official website of cbt, offers its customers a wide range of services:

Advice on Forex;

  • Training for beginners;
  • Service – financial analyst;
  • Advice on investing. The best and topical products for earnings;
  • Consulting services from highly qualified specialists, and much more.

The company offers advice on forex not only for beginners in this field.

For example, for sophisticated investors makes no sense to pass training of trading from scratch. For them, in turn, are encouraged to continuously improve their skills and training, as well as the opportunity to share experiences with each other.


Enterprising men should put their money into circulation in order to passively increase and was insured against force majeure. However, to invest the money in circulation must be smart and special skills. How and exactly where you can invest safely and profitably always happy to share technology exchange Center. Reviews from investors, who for many years cooperated with the company, are located in the Internet.

The center offers consultations on Forex trading, which is conducted by an experienced financial analyst. Advice on trading are the most popular and relevant in the modern world. The financial world, is a progressive field that is able to generate a decent profit and is predictable. About how to predict the market movement and open profitable trades — able to tell a competent financial analyst.

The development of trading on the exchange is hard work, which is sure to bring wonderful results for investors.

Training for traders of the company developed by the best specialists and prepare highly qualified experts for managing capital.

Advice on Forex. Why learn the trade on the exchange?

The main objective of the company is creation of favorable and comfortable conditions for cooperation. To answer the question of why man needs advice on Forex, you should understand that the trading profession is the most prestigious and sought after in the modern world.

Walkthrough Forex training from scratch, gives the novice trader a world of opportunities and high earnings.

In addition to free training, are paid consultations for those who wish to improve to the level the teacher wants to conduct trainings on investment.

Advice on Forex trading provides the client the opportunity to get acquainted with concepts such as technical and fundamental analysis, introduces the main trading strategies, and also talks about the psychological aspects of trading, and more.

Forex training is available in 25 cities of Ukraine. In the client offices, under the guidance of experienced professionals, beginning investors get access to the trading terminal and have the opportunity to practice investing.

Provided training on Forex have a problem, first of all, to arm the client with the necessary information and details about how to come to a successful outcome.

Reviews on CBT from those customers who have successfully mastered the training in the Forex, can be seen on the official website of the cbt:


Positive comments about the company, are evidence that its staff carry out long and painstaking work, and interact with investors and partners on a professional level.

Opinion on the company from the employee Center. Source: YouTube

For those people who dream of a prestigious career of a trader and build a solid Foundation for their future, the CB door is always open!

Reviews on cbt ( are positive, thereby motivating the company to constantly develop and improve their level of professionalism. Such comments are familiar with how novice investors came to its success, has mastered the profession, and what are your impressions about the company they have formed.

Perspectives from the CBT

Today, affiliate offices throughout Ukraine, offering its clients wide opportunities not only for earning but also getting the most relevant knowledge about the market.

Customers who are interested in working with a company that offers:

  • Options for profitable investments, permanent augmentation of their capital;
  • Effective training in specialized offices or online;
  • The development of the profession and career growth.

Choosing the path of a successful trader, You will get access to consultations of international advanced level, and in the future – will be able to skillfully manage its capital, and the capital of Your clients, to obtain a maximum profit.

The most important result of functioning of the company, are the comments of satisfied customers and employees about cbt. The reviews reflect the successful activities of ready traders and experienced investors as well as motivate for further achievements and improvements.

Company technology exchange Center is always happy to welcome You in its offices and is open to successful cooperation!