Regular stress destroys the brain – scientists

Breakdown always bad for our health. American scientists came to the conclusion that stress cause neuronal death, and this, in turn, causes a decrease of hippokome, the special structure of the brain, which is involved in the complex mechanisms of memory formation and emotions. Moreover, when this structure is reduced, the body further is more vulnerable in intense situations, as a rule, passes, writes

The fact is that during stressful situations in the blood increases the content of the “stress hormone” cortisol. He is the cause of nerve cell death. And doctors showed an interesting feature of the body. Our excitement did not affect the formation of new neurons. However, to survive these cells after another outburst quite difficult. According to studies, about a third of them killed. And because hippocam much “losing weight”.

It is a kind of vicious circle. Stress is becoming a reason for production of the hormone, which kills nerve cells. And deal with new experiences all the more difficult because the resistance is reduced. Each new failure more dangerous to health.

According to doctors, one of the most popular ways of treatment in this case – a detailed story of the patient about what happened with him in times of stress. Need to mention: in this case we are talking about serious violations of the psyche. Any minor experience, the doctors here do not take into account. However, the daily riots in the amount can cause equally serious diseases. Hence, one should take care of themselves and their nerves. Despite the fact that nerve cells in the body very much, their functioning depends on the General condition of a person. The constant death of neurons leads to depression, experts say.

It is especially important to monitor children, the researchers note. Quite often childhood traumas is the key to solving the diseases of adults. But it would be much easier to avoid them initially.