The Pentagon chief has accused Russia of violating the Treaty on open skies

Russia violated the provisions of the Treaty on open skies, said the Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis.

“I was informed about this, and we will meet with representatives of the state Department and (the Council) on national security in the near future”, – he said Tuesday at a hearing of the U.S. Senate.

According to the chief of the Pentagon, “in some cases, it seems, was violated”. These violations, according to Mattis, was expressed in the fact that “over certain territories we are not allowed to fly”.

“Some other aspects I would prefer to speak with you in private, but for me it is clear that there have been violations,” – said the head of the Pentagon, responding to a clarification question from senators.

The Treaty on open skies was signed in 1992 in Helsinki and ratified by Russia in 2001. The agreement is 33 States. The agreement provides an opportunity for participants to conduct overflights of each other’s territories.