The probability of conception depends on the age of male reproduction

The age of men affects the likelihood of conception no less than the age of the woman. It found the reproduction.

During the study, a team of scientists analysed data on IVF undertaken in 2000-2014 in Boston. Of was considered almost 8,000 couples and 19 thousand procedures.

It turned out that the older was the male sperm which was used for IVF, the less was the likelihood of a successful conception. So, if the woman was 35-40 years, the likelihood of conception with a partner younger than 30 years accounted for 70%, while if the partner was 30-35 years, this figure fell to 54%. If the woman was under 30 years of age, with a partner, 30-35 years, she was able to conceive a child in 73% of cases. However, if the man was more than 40 years, the probability has decreased only to 46%.

The lowest dependence was diagnosed in women 30-35 years to conceive a child of the same age as they could in 70% of cases, and from older men is 64%. For women over 40 years age of the partner role has not played.

In the opinion of the reproduction, the obtained results will push men to have kids early. One of the important reasons why women postpone childbearing – the reluctance of men to beget children in his youth. However, if men know that then it may be too late, you might reconsider my views.