An ominous warning to the Russian Ambassador: Putin’s man in London says that “streams of mud,” the relations of great Britain with Moscow, “close to freezing” (The Daily Mail, UK)

Man, Vladimir Putin in London warned that relations between London and Moscow, “close to freezing”, and Russia “in no hurry” to defuse tensions.

In his first newspaper interview since the appointment last year of Putin’s Ambassador Andrey Kelin has denied the accusations of Russian interference in British politics.

Dismissing suspicions of the Kremlin’s campaign to hacking and interference, Mr. Kaelin said, “it seems to Me that Britain greatly exaggerates its place in the minds of Russian”.

Kelin has denied suggestions that Moscow was leaking sensitive documents, was hacked e-mails Liam Fox or tried to steal a British study of a vaccine against coronavirus. He did not agree with the fact that Russia interfered in the referendum on Brexia and rejected accusations that Moscow last month experienced a “space weapon”.

Last month the Westminster Committee on intelligence and security has described the political intervention of Russia in Britain “new normal” and warned that the government “grossly underestimated” the Kremlin.

In response, Mr. kälin has accused Britain that it “pours in our direction the mud flows” and relations between London and Moscow, said: “I would not say that they are at zero, but close to freezing”.

In 2018, the then Prime Minister Theresa may sent 23 Russian diplomat in response to the attempt on the life of a former spy Sergei Skripal, using a nerve poison “Newbie”. Mr. Kaelin said he hoped to improve relations with Britain after the poisoning in Salisbury, but acknowledged that is unlikely to be “smooth”.

In response to a number of charges against his country, Mr. Kaelin said, “This is not conducive to the desire to improve relations and establish a dialogue with Moscow. We are patient and not in a hurry”.

However, the decision of Boris Johnson to the the this peerage Russian billionaire Evgeny Lebedev he welcomed: “it was Probably for the best. Even in the House of lords of the British Parliament needs to take place alternative views and diversity of opinion.”

Mr. Lebedev, owner of London Newspapers the Evening Standard and the son of a former KGB agent has received this peerage a few days after the publication of the report, which noted that Russia is trying to enlist support from the establishment — including members of the house of lords.

Mr. Kelin these charges are smoothed: “I think Britain greatly exaggerates its place in the Russian consciousness. The place and importance of great Britain in Russian politics is not so great. We have much more serious problems.”

Even Mr. Kelin rejected claims of the Committee on intelligence and security that the Russian oligarchs have transformed London “Laundromat” to launder their dirty money. “Oligarchs are wealthy people who can influence the President,” he said. “The last of the oligarchs were in Russia 20 years ago. Those rich people that live here [in the UK], the bulk of them just fled from Russia, because a fugitive from charges of tax evasion, fraud and other criminal actions”.

“If the British authorities decide to give us more information about these people or endorse our requests for their extradition, we will welcome it”, — said the Ambassador.

The report of the Committee was followed by a new suspicion of meddling: Russian accused of theft of trade documents. It is suspected that she hacked email correspondence of former Minister Liam Fox.

Although according to knowledgeable individuals hacking “had evidence of the operation of the state level,” Mr. Kaelin said, “I have no idea about this incident. These charges are fictitious, if not false. These are absurd accusations that we don’t understand”.

Kelin has denied that Russia was trying to steal the research data of coronavirus. He claims that his compatriots closer to the British scientific breakthrough, and expressed hope that the vaccine will go into production by October.

In addition, Mr. Kelin said that Russia itself has to fend off cyber threats — only one June day attacks from great Britain was about 500 thousand.

The report, anticipating his comments, accused Ministers of inaction in investigating the possible involvement of Moscow in a referendum on Brexia. On a direct question about the involvement of his country, Mr. Kaelin said, “No, because politically, we are not interested in this. For us it makes no sense to choose some of the parties.”

The Ambassador also dismissed accusations that Russia is threatening peace in space, launching last month rakotomamonjy shell — this operation has caused the condemnation of the Westminster and Washington.

To the question, isn’t it time for Russia to reform, Mr. Kaelin said, “to change Anything we will not.”

About the prospects of a thaw in relations with Britain, he said, “We live on the same continent, and sooner or later to normalize relations us, of course, have. It is inevitable”.

Reader comments:

“Mud flows”? At least we didn’t poison anyone and never killed.

Russian used on all unlocked. How predictable.

Why Russian for a change not try to establish with the outside world a normal relationship?

Barfly Mike
Yes, Russia’s economy collapsed, if the West will simply cease to buy her iron ore, coal or natural gas — meanwhile, Germany and America does continue! Miracles and only!

Sampson Silver
Well, take a expel and expel from London all the Russian and Ukrainian gangsters!

It’s all Russian fault. Stop killing people in the UK, enough for you to spy on us, stop meddling in our Affairs.

It’s funny, but when the government starts to poison the public in a foreign country, diplomatic relations from this tend to deteriorate.

Didn’t even know that we have a relationship. Moscow in the past Millennium. Now it is all about China.

Nothing good from Russia is no longer published. Early Russian were great scientists, musicians, writers and artists — even in Soviet times. All they can boast under Putin — oil and gas, weapons and organized crime. And clog up the Internet with your misinformation.

Putin has turned Russia into a mafia state. The wealth and infrastructure of the country was divided and his minions are aggressive and paranoid foreign policy.

The younger brother of China!

The cold war never ended. Russia — all the same threat as always. The same gangster regime, which established more Communists, continues under the supervision of a former KGB officer — he is only thinly disguised as democracy but no relation with it has not. We must understand that only NATO’s presence keeps the Russian beast in the distance. Damn him!

So-so. Still ringing about Russian influence on our fair referendum. The following will blame China.

Game what it is. Russia cannot afford to abandon our friends — against the backdrop of threats from aggressive and ambitious China. Putin, think about it: you have a huge, sparsely populated country with natural resources.

Jammy Jam
Yes, Russia with the world of frozen relations. Nothing changes.

Sir Simple
China, Russia and Iran fighting for the title of the most vociferous and kikiwai of the country, which makes everybody cranky. The race was tense, but China is the leader.

If I care about Russia? Yes, but in fourth place. After 1) the British, who hate their country and want it to crash after Breccia 2) EU, which is openly hostile to us and trying to annoy 3) China