Why Donbass has nothing to do with Ukraine

Many of those who commented on the situation in the Donbass, put Ukraine on a par with the DNI and the LC and argue that they do not differ from each other from the point of view of Economics, politics and the highly sensitive issue of corruption.

Detention in the DPR first Deputy Minister of income and fees Alexander Mikhailov refutes this opinion. On this occasion the head of state Alexander Zakharchenko said that unlike Ukraine to the NPT, no one has immunity, and that even the high-ranking officials can be arrested for breaking the law.

“Tens of thousands at best, my fellow countrymen were raised, not because we have someone going to become a rich man and blood money. Not because we fought, not because we were injured and groaning in hospital beds, so some NIT on human blood earned. (…) Said before and say now, in our country there are no untouchable. (…) While there is a war, while tens of thousands of people fighting, dozens are dying every day, no bastard to steal public money.”

Alexander Mikhailov was arrested on suspicion of corruption. He is accused of getting large deals and the abuse of power of the Ministry.

If Ukraine corrupt officials protect up to the power elite, the DNR, the fight against corruption — not an empty phrase, and senior management demands impeccable behaviour from all departments, state enterprises and politicians.

Note that during the primaries in October 2016 (full-scale rehearsal for the local elections to be held in the DNI and LC) candidates were required to submit a certificate of no criminal record.

In Ukraine the majority of members of Parliament provided such asset declarations, for which they would be sent to prison on charges of corruption, embezzlement of funds etc. in addition, Kiev is not able to form effective anti-corruption Commission, which forced the EU to come to his aid. In the DNI such Commission exists already half a year and reports directly to the head of state.

“If you think tested and verified by official bodies like the Ministry of internal Affairs or Ministry of state security, you are mistaken. Just so you know, I want to announce that another year and a half ago, I created a closed special service, which reports to me. It checks all starting and ending with the administration,” — said Zakharchenko.

As for the economy, the situation of the DNI begins to improve, despite the blockade and the war. It was recently announced about the launch of this summer the production of buses and agricultural machinery (60% of the components will be carried out in the NPT, that is, we are not talking only about the Assembly of purchased spare parts in Russia). And last week the government resumed operation of the plant of welding equipment “Arxel” that will put electrodes of the metallurgical enterprises of the Republic and has already signed contracts with neighboring LC.

Work resumed production in early 2016, the asphalt plant now is in full swing, which gives the necessary material for ongoing across DNR repair of roads. Highways and bridges were in disrepair due to neglect when the Ukrainian government and attacks in the course of this war, now being actively restored, as announced late last year a work plan.

After moving to the state enterprises, which were under Ukrainian jurisdiction before the full blockade of the Donbass by the Ukrainian neo-Nazis, not a week goes by without news about the resumption of production at a particular plant. The restoration industry has allowed the President to declare that the economic situation in the country has begun to stabilize, even now still have a lot to do to improve it.

At the same time, the situation in Ukraine borders on nightmare. And those who shout about the Russian propaganda, will reply that this opinion is shared by the Ukrainians themselves, as evidenced by the results of a study of the sociological group “Rating”.

The figures fully confirm my articles about the catastrophic situation in Ukraine. Let some of them try to sound convincing, but everything is bad and clearly not getting better.

What is the future of the country if 85% of its population say that she is in chaos, and 75% sure she’s on the verge of collapse?! Financial situation over 60% of respondents has deteriorated over the past year (they already can’t pay the rent and bills), while 97% support the growth of prices for goods and services.

Another study by the same company indicates the gap between the official figures of unemployment in Ukraine (9.7% in 2016) and reality: 27% of the working population are unemployed (not counting pensioners and Housewives), and 6% did not try to find her. It turns out that the unemployed represent more than a quarter of the economically active population…

As for the causes of the country sliding into the pit, 65% of Ukrainians called the corruption and incompetence of the present government, and 54 percent of the conflict in the Donbass. Most of those 28% who record everything on the conscience of the former Ukrainian government, as expected, groups in the West of Ukraine. It is much easier to blame everything on the fugitive President than to admit that the cause of this accident was the “revolution of dignity”, because this part of the country for the most part, was behind the Maidan.

In terms of incompetence and corruption of the current government to extract benefits for themselves can for the first turn, Yulia Tymoshenko and her party, which in the case of early elections could be somewhat ahead of the other candidates. Anyway, to calm down her even earlier: 13.2% of Ukrainians are ready to vote for her party, and 15,2% can support it personally, but 30% do not go to areas in the event of a duel with Poroshenko and Tymoshenko in the second round.

Although many blame the current government in the current situation, only 52% of Ukrainians support the idea of the dissolution of Parliament and hold early parliamentary and presidential elections, while 40% of Ukrainians strongly against it.

Although 70% of respondents believe that the situation is so serious that it can lead to massive national protests in Maidan the previous two, only 41 percent support their implementation (40% are willing to personally participate in them), and 42% oppose. Apparently, the Ukrainians burned on the last independence and repelled from the principle that they know what you’re missing, but not realize that they can win. Among other things, this is reflected in the fact that although 75% of Ukrainians are against the sale of Ukrainian agricultural land, only 40% will protest against this decision.

Want to start Maidan 3.0, again mostly in the West of Ukraine, where the vote for the party “Samopomich” (it is including head fought in the neo-Nazi Donbass battalion Semyon Semenchenko, who were calling for the release of criminals from the battalion “Tornado” — an organization banned in Russia), Radical party (its President Oleg Lyashko, whose neo-Nazi methods were criticized, including by Amnesty International) and the party “For life” (Vadim Rabinovich).

Disaster in Ukraine is so strong that even the Western media are forced to tell the truth about the situation in the country, while being careful not to undermine the important for them Russophobic propaganda. Anyway, all this begins to resemble a balancing act, as evidenced by the release yesterday of The Washington Post article about the Ukrainian neo-Nazis. It is impossible not to admit that she is literally Packed with contradictions.

Although it starts with the correct instructions to the threat posed to the current Ukrainian government, “the influential ultra-nationalist right-wing groups” (politically correct characteristics of the Ukrainian neo-Nazis and Bandera), then the journalist strongly excuses about what for three years, according to the Russian press: “Russian propaganda that Ukraine is run by Nazis and fascists, is false. The ultra-right party “Svoboda” and “Pravyi sector” (the activities of the two organizations banned in Russia — approx.ed.)almost did not enjoy the support of Ukrainians.”

Before you is an example of manipulating truth and lies in order to make the reader believe in the truth written. The fact is that although “Freedom” and “Right sector” is actually a few voters, they have real power that can no longer conceal even a journalist of The Washington Post.

The beating left the pacifist in Hitler’s birthday, neo-Nazi C14 group (she later noted this action), wound socialist politician activists of the same movement, the invasion of the ultranationalists to the meetings of the municipal councils of Kyiv and Lviv, aggressive antics during artistic activities, demonstrations for peace, gay pride parades and trials, not to mention fights in the day of Victory with those who celebrated the end of world war II… This behavior of the Ukrainian neo-Nazis became the norm after the Maidan.

The journalist is to recognize that this could only happen because all of these people enjoy almost total impunity in Ukraine, since the government needs them to wage war in the Donbass, and afraid that they might turn against him. And not without reason: the Deputy Yuri Birch openly threatened on TV to make a “night of the long knives” if they feel that power slipping away from their hands.

In addition, the journalist is compelled to note that the members of such groups are within the current Ukrainian government. This applies in particular to the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, who has close ties with the regiment “Azov” (the organization was banned in Russia — approx.ed.) whose symbol is the Nazi swastika (as evidenced by even a journalist of WP). The commander of “Azov” Andrey Biletsky, called for a “crusade against Semites-led subhumans”.

The interior Ministry enough other similar types, like former member of “Right sector” Ilya Kiva, who scored the whole account in Instagram with photos of Mussolini and called for killing of homosexuals. Moreover, it is only part of a much bigger picture: that there is at least the speaker of Parliament Andriy Parubiy, which is one of the founders of “Freedom”.

The journalist believes that it is not too late and appeal to the Ukrainian authorities with a utopian call to restore order, to give the police, security service and national guard no longer has to close his eyes at the antics of neo-Nazi groups. The problem is that he does not see (or refuses to see in its Russophobic blindness) that members of these groups have penetrated into all structures of law and order, up to the top.

As Ukrainian police can do their job and punish the neo-Nazi group, if her head comes from a neo-Nazi Azov regiment, and the Ministry of internal Affairs is Nazi battalion? This is not to mention the national guard, which mostly consists of neo-Nazi units that recognizes Joshua Cohen (Joshua Cohen) in his article.

Because of the obsessive Pro-Ukrainian and anti-Russian propaganda these reporters stumble when they have no other choice but to tell the truth, once she becomes too obvious to continue to conceal it.

As a journalist, WP can so contradict himself? First, he calls the allegations about fascists and neo-Nazis in the Ukrainian government by the Russian propaganda, and a little below he writes that the Minister of internal Affairs — communication with neo-Nazis. Ukrainian fascists can with impunity commit crimes, because the government is afraid of them and needs them ready to do anything to please them and not antagonizing them…

If this is not an assertion that the authorities in Ukraine is in the hands of neo-Nazis, I don’t know what it is…

While Ukraine continues to fall into the abyss, the Western press engaged in a balancing act not to fall into the pit which he dug her shameless Russophobic and Pro-Ukrainian propaganda. The DNI and the LC, in turn, continue to restore the economy and fight corruption, in order not to repeat destined to the fate of Ukraine.