In India a girl was born with three legs

25-year-old resident of the Indian city Jangaon named Srilatha, Kenchanahalli gave birth to a girl with three legs. Such an unusual child was born due to a rare phenomenon of “twin-parasite.” The little girl had the surgery, she will live, reports the Daily Mail.

Fully formed third leg were a newborn from the groin area, between two other limbs.

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For carrying out surgery to remove the extra legs baby I had to take him to the hospital of a larger city Heidbreder. Complicated procedure lasted three hours and was successful. Doctors claim that now the mother has nothing to worry about.

The biological phenomenon of “twin parasite” occurs once per 100 thousand births. In the course of this disease one twin absorbs in the womb of his weaker brother.

Earlier it was reported that in the Indian city of Bellary, Karnataka, a boy was born with four legs and two pairs of genitals. The parents of the child called my son a “gift of the gods” and say they are ready to care for him as long as necessary. Cause mutations of the fetus is unknown.

And in Kazakhstan were born unusual twins, one of which is two extra legs, and a vascular malformation of the heart and the defect of the anus. It is known that babies born at term from healthy parents.