Bezviz: mission to let go or to hold?

On 6 April the European Parliament voted for visa-free regime for Ukraine, and yesterday, June 11, this procedure is officially entered into force. Almost 2 thousand Ukrainians, according to the state border service has taken the opportunity of visa-free crossing of the Ukrainian border.

In his Twitter the President of Ukraine wrote that now “every Ukrainian will be able to drink fantastic coffee in Bratislava, lauceston to fly to Warsaw, go to the Vienna Opera.” But no, not everyone. Do not go, do not drink, do not listen to Opera those killed in the war, which he doesn’t want to stop. Those who have Yatsenyuk Gontareva, cobolii, Vova, Groisman and other accomplices took the money, high tariffs, theft of deposits, taxes and prices. Those who prematurely became natureforum.

It is not necessary to deceive people and to be deceived himself. As if the President didn’t want to cover bezveza all created troubles — will not work. Artificial euphoria will end soon — and people in Ukraine face again created “Getty new.”

Besides, it is necessary to say that a visa-free regime provides the opportunity to just travel and not give Ukrainian citizens the right to employment in the EU. However, the socio-economic situation in the country is so complex that more and more of our fellow citizens are looking for opportunities to find a job in Europe.

Public audit has repeatedly focused attention on the catastrophic decline of the economy in all key macro – and microparasites. Actually, it is very important for every family, because the income for the last three years has decreased at least twice. If in 2014 the average annual earnings of the family amounted to about 3.5 thousand dollars, today it is not higher than 1.4 thousand dollars. The unemployment rate reached 10% — 1.7 million people today are unemployed.

All this results in various effects, but especially striking population decline. Negative mark scares: almost minus one thousand people a day. Therefore, it is possible that our citizens are in search of a better life will be exposed to temptation and use the open borders with Europe, including illegal employment.

Understands all of this as the Ukrainian government and EU leadership. When the Ambassador of France in Ukraine I. Dumont directly asked, do not scare Europe the likelihood of a mass influx of Ukrainians, she said, “you know, It’s not for us to fear, and the Ukrainian authorities. I know they look at this seriously, because if Ukraine will lose his labor, it is a problem in the first place, for Ukraine… country every year, and so “loses” a lot of people. Need to find a way out of this. And the solution is reforms to change the country, so that people would want to stay here.”

A little statistics. According to state frontier service, last year Ukrainians have crossed their own borders in the EU 25,2 million times in 2015 and 23.2 million in 2014 22.6 million, in 2013-m — 23,9 million.

Official data, where and how many of our compatriots working abroad, not as fixed guards only the fact of crossing the border. However, their assessment provides civil service employment. She reports that working abroad is about 5 million Ukrainians (for comparison, that’s more than the population of Ireland). 43% of workers go to the construction and repair work, while 23 percent are involved in work in the agricultural sector, 10% work at home, 8% care for elderly, disabled or children.

The “champion” for the placement of labor migrants among the countries of Europe is Poland. Nearly 1.3 million Ukrainians in 2016 was registered with a temporary right to work in this country and 116 thousand have a long term right to work. Both, compared to 2013 increased by no less than six times.

Last year, Polish consulates issued almost 1,265 million Ukrainians visas, which is 340 thousand more than in 2015. As before, Ukrainians often turned to the poles for national visas for Schengen, with 56% against 44%. It is known that national visas entitle you to stay in the country for more than 90 days for the purpose of work, study or family visits. Such visas last year were issued 706 thousand. In the same year, the Polish Union of entrepreneurs and employers planned to give the Ukrainians a million work visas (about 2.3 million).

Its doors opens for the Ukrainians and the Czech Republic, where in 2016 launched a special program for Ukrainian citizens, providing for the employment of 5 thousand Ukrainians annually. This year, the Czech government adopted the decision to increase the quota for migrant workers from Ukraine. Now the country is ready to accept 7.6 thousand Ukrainians annually. The Czech Republic belongs to the countries in the EU with the lowest percentage of unemployment over the past two years, the number of vacant jobs in the Czech Republic increased to around 110 thousand people, so more than 37% of Czech companies are ready to take Ukrainians without knowing the language. Today in the Czech Republic is about 120 thousand Ukrainians. Here also, the law providing for a significant simplification and acceleration of the issuance of visas to Ukrainian citizens with the technical education of engineers, technicians and specialists from the sphere of IT. In addition, there is a need for specialists in the field of construction, industry, electronics, auto and engineering.

The increase in the number of migrant workers is also expected in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece.

As you can see, the request for domestic experts have a lot, and in General the EU has reason to hope that bezveze will increase the GDP of the Eurozone, whose economy at the expense of our travelers will receive additional income.

Interestingly, the work of Ukrainians are not “at home” and abroad, the best and the Ukrainian authorities. The logic is really simple. Today the lion’s share of investment in Ukraine are the remittances of migrant workers. For example, for the year 2016 to Ukraine from the EU received 4 milliardaire private transfers. The increase in the number of migrants will increase the inflow of foreign currency to Ukraine 5-7 billion dollars a year, which will ensure the growth of Ukraine’s GDP by 1-2%, and also minimizes the devaluation pressure. To revive the domestic economy in ways not possible — it requires more structural changes, but to revitalize a little — you can.

I would like to summarize that such methods as acceptable for the Ukrainian authorities, will show time. But the government in fact has placed all points over “and” by setting unreasonable inflated prices for utility services; taking millions of people’s money through Bank deposits; putting more than a million people in the conditions under which they will not be able to retire and time to get the legal pension; finally, by agreeing to sell Ukrainian land to foreign corporations, previously fully impaired all assets in the country.