Penelope Fillon received a total of 900 thousand euros

The candidate in presidents from the right-wing speaks of “professional defamation, which has a huge scope and has no analogues in the V Republic”.

Le Canard enchaîné continues to publish the revelations about Fillon family. In the number for February 1, the publication claims that Penelope Fillon, who is suspected of receiving money for fictitious employment, earned a total of more than 900 thousand euros as assistant, Deputy and literary adviser at the literary journal Revue des deux mondes.

Francois Fillon responded to the new charges before the performance in the business associations Electronic Business Group, dedicated to digital technologies. “This operation directed against me, and through me against the project and the candidate, — he said. — As far as I know, this has never happened in the history of the fifth Republic. Never less than three months before the presidential election did not suit such a large-scale and professional operation to correct candidate through undemocratic means. Everyone make conclusions for myself.”

“Was involved in law enforcement, he continued. But I believe in them. I am sure, quietly waiting for the end of the investigation”.

Last week the publication reported that Penelope Fillon (Penelope Fillon) has received 500 thousand euros from public funds as the assistant Deputy in her husband from 1998 to 2002 and for six months in 2012. In addition, she was listed as an employee in Mark Julot (Marc Joulaud), which replaced the Fillon from 2002 to 2007.

Le Canard enchaîné writes already about the amount of 831 thousand euros and 440 claims that Penelope Fillon also worked as the assistant of the Deputy from 1988 to 1990. On Thursday broadcast of evening news on TF1, the candidate said that his wife “always” worked with him on a voluntary basis, but that he hired her in 1997 after leaving one of the employees.

In addition, Penelope Fillon worked spouse until November 30, 2013, and not before the end of 2012, wrote the satirical newspaper last week. In other words, this was a month before Francois Fillon was due to submit a Declaration of income of his wife and the names of their employees in the Parliament (like all other MPs) created a few weeks earlier, the Supreme control of the transparency of public life.

In response to a question from the newspaper Le Monde, the camp Fillon tries to minimize the scale of new revelations:

“This is not a new thing, just a larger amount. It makes little difference in legal terms and in relation to the question, did Penelope Fillon or not. However, this complicates the situation politically, because the supply of Le Canard enchaîné gives the impression that we are talking about a different thing.”


In addition, Penelope Fillon is alleged to have received 100 thousand euros for the work in the Revue des deux mondes, traces of which Le Canard enchaîné and failed to detect. According to who led in that period by the publication of Crepu Michel (Michel Crépu), wife of françois Fillon “has signed two or three reviews,” but it “never looked like a literary Advisor”.

After these revelations in the financial Prosecutor’s office on January 25 was initiated a preliminary investigation on the embezzlement of public funds, abuse of public property and concealment of these crimes. On Tuesday, investigators went to the National Assembly for documents.

On Monday, Fillon spouses were questioned separately in the Central office for combating corruption and financial crimes. Deputy Fillon Brand Julot waiting for Wednesday at the financial Prosecutor’s office.

The investigation must establish whether Penelope Fillon all these years was the assistant Deputy and employee of the journal Revue des deux mondes.

Fillon hired two of their children

In addition, according to Le Canard enchaîné, the presidential candidate gave their assistants in Parliament, when he was a Senator from Sarthe from 2005 to 2007. His daughter Mary received a total of 57 thousand euros, and his son Charles — 26 thousand 600 euros.

According to the publication, the father gave Marie (she was then 23), who “had just finished practicing law,” on 18 September 2005 with a salary of 3 thousand 773 euros a month, and then 3 814 thousand euros as “assistant Senator”. She stayed in this position until 31 December 2006.

After her departure Fillon took instead of her son Charles, who was 23 years old. However, his salary has changed. According to Le Canard enchaîné, he was paid “thousands 4 846 euros per month, i.e. 27% more than sister.” He worked there until 17 June 2007, françois Fillon resigned from the post of Senator after his appointment as Prime Minister by President Nicolas Sarkozy.

During the same news program on TF1 Francois Fillon said that paid the money “for some work to two of his children-lawyers because of their skills,” when he was a Senator. Today they are lawyers, but in the period when their father was sat in the Senate, has not yet had at the hands of the diplomas.