Klimkin warned that bezviz can cancel

The head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin stated that the increase in migration flows from Ukraine may be the reason for the consideration of the probable cancellation bizwise. He said this on air “Sedanka z 1+1”, reports Dnia

“If the migration flow from Ukraine will increase many times, of course, will the proceedings why this is happening. When we talk with the European Commission, with individual countries. At this stage, everything will be settled. But again, do not use the visa-free regime for that to work. Come and look at the situation…. Look for opportunities, but don’t break the code of the European Union. EU laws should never be violated. Like ours, by the way,” said the Minister.

Earlier it was reported that as of 6:00 June 12 right bezveza have used 1894 compatriots. 78% of this amount crossed the border at vehicle checkpoints at the borders with EU countries. 22% in the border crossing points for air traffic.