Obama said goodbye to the armed forces as commander in chief

US President Barack Obama at a base in Fort Meyer, Virginia, said goodbye to the armed forces as Supreme commander, reported “Radio freedom” on Thursday.

In his speech, Obama said that he did not have “more privilege and greater honor than serving as commander in chief of the greatest military in the world.”

The event was attended by General Joseph F. Dunford, Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, Secretary of defense ash Carter and Vice President Joe Biden.

Obama held a review of troops of the guard of honor lined up in his honor.

After the presentation of the flags of the armed forces and the national anthem the outgoing President was awarded a medal for outstanding achievements in military construction. The presentation was given by General D. Dunford, who praised the actions of the President as Supreme commander.

In addition, the White house presented the achievements of Obama as US President – and his fight against terrorism and Osama bin Laden, the creation of a missile defence system and deterrence of aggressive aspirations of Russia.

Carter spoke about the military achievements of the last eight years of the Obama presidency, which were held in accordance with American values. Carter also praised Obama for his leadership of the armed forces of the country and take the necessary decisions.

January 20, 2017, Barack Obama will leave the post of President of the United States. The new leader of Americans will become Donald trump.