In Germany, irregular migrants stabbed his psychotherapist

In saarbrücken in Germany, the 27-year-old illegal migrant from Syria during therapy attacked his psychologist with a knife and killed him. About it reports “112 Ukraine”.

“The Syrian fled the scene, but soon the police detained him just a few hundred meters from the scene, he was hospitalized due to injuries allegedly inflicted himself, after the attack on doctors”, – is spoken in the message.

30-year-old psychotherapist with 2014 collaborated with the Red Cross and provided psychological assistance to refugees in consultational centre for traumatized refugees.

The police assume that a Syrian refugee had a serious mental disorder during the consultation they have a dispute, a refugee grabbed a knife and stabbed the doctor, he died on the spot.

The police considers the incident as a terrorist attack.

Counseling center in saarbrücken is located near the French border, specializiruetsya on the treatment of refugees suffering from post-traumatic stress or beginners who can’t adapt to a new culture.