Impressions of Ukrainians about bitwise with the EU: who and why was not allowed and about what rules we should not forget

For the first few days of the action bezveza almost 16 000 Ukrainians crossed the border with the European Union. More than two thousand of them – on biometric passports. Refused entry only 5 citizens. That’s 0.2% of the total number of Ukrainian tourists who have already managed to visit the EU without a visa. According to the Border service, the most popular destination is Poland. 63% of Ukrainians, who bezveza, “began the acquaintance with Europe” it is from this country. The website “Today” has collected the impressions of travelers who have already enjoyed visa-free regime, and understood the reasons why can not admit to the European Union.

“In Borispol nowhere to Apple to fall”

Ukrainians in social networks are willing to share personal experiences of crossing the border without a visa. “Validation took more than a minute. The fingerprint is not scanned. Asked only about the armor of the hotel. It was enough just to speak the name” – wrote on his page on the social network Sergei bard.

In honor bezveze “Ukraine International airlines” on June 11 sold 30 thousand tickets from 763 USD in European cities. All tickets sold out.

The boom in travel to the EU, noted the tourists themselves. “In Borispol nowhere to Apple to fall,” – writes in social networks L. Zhigun.

In just the first 11 hours of action of a visa-free regime in the EU moved 20 660 citizens of Ukraine, including the 5290 – biometric passports. 346 of them entered through land border crossing points between Ukraine and Poland-112 – with Hungary, 289 Romania, 27 – Slovakia.

Who and what was refused

For travel in the EU without a visa you only need a biometric passport. However, the guards have the right to make sure that tourists have a material possibility to return back and stay in the EU. Each country determines how much money is enough tourist. For example, in Croatia one day to less than 100 euros, in the Czech Republic and Portugal – 40 euros, and in Latvia – only 18 Euro

As the Director of the travel network Oleg Kulik, law enforcement can ask the tourist to come together to the ATM or Bank terminal and check the account. Another option is to call the Bank and check account status over the phone.

“Actually, it’s not such a big amount. For travel to EU countries is only a few hundred euros. Better to take cash and card. It is not known whether persons at any time to pay with the card. In most of the institutions have the opportunity to pay with a card, but not all”, – said the expert.

However, how to tell the Ukrainians, who have already used bezveza on the availability of money almost no one checked. Only 20 000 of Ukrainians denied entry only 5 tourists. Three of them had violated the laws of the Schengen area long before the liberalization of the visa regime and were deported from the European Union, and the fourth tried to get a Few Ukrainians tried to get into the EU with the passport of the old sample (they can only be used if you have a visa).

We will remind, in the European Union without visas can be no more than three months within six months (the 90/180 rule). If you break this condition you can get into the Schengen information system. After that, you can refuse entry to any EU country.