Thorough Ukrainians: how we created the UN, NBA and Davos

In the list of the world-famous Ukrainians have musicians, writers, inventors, scientists and supermodels. However, distinguished the natives of our country and its contribution to the creation of the largest organizations around the world.

“Today,” I remembered about the brightest founding fathers of Ukraine.


Already more than seventy years, the main supranational organization in the world remains UN. Formed in 1945, she in this time has grown to 193 countries, which together solve the humanitarian, economic and even military crises. Not the last role in the founding of the UN was played by Ukrainians.

The idea to create such an important and influential organization appeared in the midst of the Second world war, humanity was horrified by the events and sought to prevent the recurrence of such tragic events. The Foundation of these intentions was the Declaration signed by 26 countries of anti-Hitler coalition on 1 January 1942. After that within three years the leaders of the USSR, USA and great Britain had met several times in conferences in different parts of the world. One of them, in 1944, the representative of the USSR proposed to include in structure of founders of the United Nations of all Soviet republics, but just three days later, Joseph Stalin received a letter from the 32nd US President Franklin Roosevelt, where he expressed his concern similar plans. His main argument was the fact that the republics were not States in full and did not have even the likes of statehood.

Taking into account this fact, Stalin at one of the plenums of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b), the decision was made to expand the rights of the Union republics in matters of defence and foreign policy. On the same day, the Supreme Soviet of the USSR adopted two laws — “About formation of military formations of the Union republics” and “On granting the Union republics powers in the field of foreign relations.”

“It’s really strange that the defence and foreign Affairs elected to decentralization, whereas, in our opinion, these two functions are considered such, so that the Centre retains its power”, — was surprised with this decision in its report to the White house, the U.S. Ambassador to the USSR Averell Harriman. The result of political manipulation and intrigue was the fact that at the Yalta conference in February 1945 was it agreed that among the founders of the UN will appear on the Ukrainian and Byelorussian SSR. Also, the negotiators at Yalta decided that the point in creating the UN will be put to the conference in San Francisco on 25 April of the same year.

THE FOUNDERS OF THE UN. The Ukrainian side for several months hard preparing for the conference. In particular, he compiled a Memorandum in which the authors showed the historical and cultural development of Ukraine, and also stressed that our country is on the list of the most affected by Nazi aggression. In early may, a Ukrainian delegation arrived in San Francisco under the leadership of Dmitry Manuilsky. Born in Volhynia, he was one of the organizers of the Kronstadt uprising in 1906, and later sentenced to exile, but escaped from prison in Kiev. After that Manuilsky emigrated to France, where he graduated from the faculty of law at the Sorbonne. After returning to Union for a long time he held senior positions and, finally, headed the delegation to the UN. Apart from him our country in San Francisco was represented by Vice-President of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR Alexander Palladin, the rector of the Kiev University. Shevchenko Volodymyr Bondarchuk and Director of the Institute of history of Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR Nikolai Petrovsky.

Manuilsky himself headed the first Committee of the conference and even prepared the text of the preamble to the UN Charter, which stipulates the purposes and principles of the organization. In his report to Nikita Khrushchev, who at that time held the post of Chairman of the Council of people’s Commissars of the USSR, he wrote that the Ukrainian delegation supported the proposal of the Americans to call on the newly created “United Nations” and received the public gratitude “for the extraordinary understanding of the psychology of the American people.” In addition, in the first session of the UN General Assembly, Ukraine was elected to the Economic and social Council, and in 1948-1949 became a permanent member of the main body of the UN security Council, which our country is headed in February 2017.

In 1966, the pioneer of UN Dmitry Manuilsky, a monument in the center of the Ukrainian capital. However, the politician did not escape the de-communization. The official reason was the work of the Politburo and the rejection of the independence of Ukraine. His monument in 2014 dropped from the pedestal, pouring paint and writing on the pedestal: “Organiser of the Holodomor. Communist-killer.” Was renamed and the street in Zaporizhia, is named after him.

The monument Manuilsky spilled paint and dropped from the pedestal for supporting Stalin’s policies


The ancient Olympic games to the glory of the gods was prohibited in the year 394 the last Emperor of a United Roman Empire, Theodosius I. Approved by law as state religion a form of Christianity, he began to persecute other religious sects. The knife fell and sports, as a pagan. However, in the XVII century in France, England and Greece started to sound ideas about the revival of the Olympic games and they even had competitions.

However, these events were very small and at best regional. Everything changed after the matter was French Baron Pierre de Coubertin, who believed that in the Franco-Prussian war his country lost because of physical weakness of the soldiers. Inspired by the history of Ancient Greece, he came up with the idea to revive the Olympics. Publicly this idea he first articulated in 1892, speaking with a report at the Sorbonne, and two years later created the international Olympic Committee, among whose founders was our fellow countryman Alexey Butovsky.

Butovo was born in Poltava region in a modest family, and after a year in school enrolled at the Petrovsky Poltavsky cadet corps, and then in the Konstantinovsky artillery school. After his studies he worked in the Ministry of national education, where he was responsible for teaching gymnastics in schools. The position assumed business trips to Europe — there Butovsky got acquainted with Coubertin. Ukrainians, too, was fascinated by the idea of recreating ancient events, but because he became a member of the IOC and actively helped in the organization of the first Olympic games. Butovo even want to create a national Olympic Committee in the homeland, but he failed. In 1896, Ukrainian, witnessed the first Olympic games, and came back and published a book about the event. In 1900 Butovo resigned from the IOC, however, until his death in 1917 was engaged in promotion of sports.

The monument of the revived Olympic games in Lausanne


The most prestigious basketball League in the world is considered to be the national basketball Association (NBA), which brings together three dozen teams in the USA and Canada. But the Central individual award of the Association for many years, remains the prize for most valuable player, which is called “Maurice Podoloff trophy”. Basketball bosses award was named in honor of the founder of the NBA Maurice Podoloff, who was a native of Ukraine. Information about where his family lived, different, but presumably it was Yelisavetgrad, the current onward.

“I was born, or 18, or 31 August 1890, somewhere in Ukraine. I guess it was not far from Odessa” — he said, Podoloff.

When he was very young, the family moved to the United States, and in 1915 he graduated from Yale University, where he received a law degree. After that, he joined the family business connected with the estate — “Podoloff and sons” had 22 buildings, including an ice skating rink. Initially, Maurice had leased it to the hockey team of his University, and then decided to start his hockey team to the rink was not empty at the weekend.

His team he has led so successfully that he became President of the American hockey League, which eventually became the NHL. However, Podoloff looking for an opportunity to use the rink and in the summer. It was then his attention was drawn to basketball. And although he attended only one match, he was immediately elected President of the newly formed Basketball Association of America, which was later renamed the NBA. Thus he became the only man in history who led two major sports leagues — the types of NBA and NHL.

Maurice immediately began to reform the fiefdom — has increased the number of teams from 11 to 17, have introduced the rules of the bid team and rule 24 seconds — just enough time is given to attack the team. For his achievement, Maurice Podoloff in 1974 was included in the basketball Hall of fame.


Switzerland is famous not only for its cheese, chocolate and watches, but the tiny town of Davos in the East of the country. Located in the cozy share, the city became popular in the nineteenth century, when doctors recognized its microclimate beneficial for people with lung disease. Here at the dawn of the 1880s, Robert Stevenson wrote “treasure Island”, and since 1971, is the world economic forum, gathering thousands of representatives of major companies, organizations and governments. And it was here in the past year, the chief ideologist of the forum, Klaus Schwab, announced the advent of the “Fourth industrial revolution”. However, such a large-scale organization would not be at all if not for the Ukrainian Bohdan Hawrylyshyn. Except that it is called the “godfather” of Davos for non-support forum, the economist was considered to be one of the most respected and authoritative world experts on the issues of effective management.

Hawrylyshyn was born in Koropets’, Ternopil ‘ region and went to school when he was five. During the Second world war he worked in Germany, and then in refugee camps. It is there evident talent Bogdan twenty years, when he was appointed head of the division of purchasing. He later emigrated to Canada, where he worked first as a lumberjack and a waitress. Barely getting used to a new country and learning the language, he enrolled in the University of Toronto. After a short stint in Canada, Ukrainian moved to Switzerland, where he later receive a doctorate in Economics.

In 1971 Klaus Schwab decides to summon the biggest players in the global economy to dialogue, creating the European Symposium on managersto, later called the Davos forum. For this, he attracted 450 organizations and about 40 scientists, among whom were Havrylyshyn. After our country gained independence, the scientist was the adviser of presidents, Prime Ministers and speakers of Parliament. Havrylyshyn died in Kiev on October 24 last year at the age of 90 years.

“As Ukraine is now bad, but the potential of the huge country. We have the resources, which can only wish for. And in Ukraine is the quality of human capital. We have exceptionally talented people,” said Havrylyshyn in one of his last interviews.

Havrylyshyn is a globally recognized expert Manager


In the IT industry, the Ukrainians occupy a special place. In addition our specialists work full-time programmers in such Internet giants as Facebook and Google, natives of our country have given life to their own projects, enveloped the whole world. Here we can recall, for example, max Levchin born in 1975 in Kiev. At the age of 16 years he emigrated with his family to Chicago (USA), and in 1998, the programmer together with a friend, Peter Thiel founded PayPal electronic wallet. In just four years he will be one of the members of the so-called PayPal mafia, the informal organization, which includes the futurist billionaire Elon Musk. This created Levchina e-wallet is the most popular payment system on the Internet, which is used by over 180 million people. Today, the resource is owned by the largest Internet auction eBay.

Levchin: founded “mafia” with Elon Musk

Another Ukrainian, who achieved success in the online field, was born in Fastov, Jan koum. His family emigrated in USA in 1992. Later the godfather, leaving the University, goes to work at the company Yahoo! and after 12 years, creates the popular WhatsApp messenger. In February 2017 the number of users of this program amounted to 1.2 billion people. Note that last year the head of the NABOO Artem Sytnik said that the Ukrainian intelligence services can read the messages in the program godfather. The latter, in turn, especially for rush in one of the social networks gave a short master class on why to read others messages in WhatsApp will not even the FBI.

Jan koum created supernumery messenger


The American record company A&M Records also have Ukrainian roots. Its founder trumpeter Herbert Alpert, who recorded 14 platinum albums and received eight Grammy awards. He was born in Los Angeles, in a family of immigrants from Radomyshl (Zhytomyr region). His father was also a trumpet and fled to the United States at the beginning of the XX century. Herbert himself back in school he realized that he wanted to become a musician, and after his military service had recorded music for Hollywood films. His brass of the party, for example, can be heard in the Oscar-winning “the Ten commandments”. In 1962 Alpert with a friend founded a record company, which has long specialized in Latin music. In 1966, the founders bought a Studio built by Charlie Chaplin for $1 million, and in the end of the decade in the US was a rock-a breakthrough that allowed A&M Records to the present day to successfully record the best musicians in the world. For example, it was here that he recorded his debut solo album “Dream of the blue turtles” Gordon summer, better known to the public as sting. Today in the studios of A&M working groups such as Maroon 5 and Black Eyed Peas.