How to spend a salary to pay less for communal and products: insights from the experts

In Ukraine live below the poverty line 60% of Ukrainians, according to the report of UNDP on human development. The average salary, according to the state statistics Committee, made up 6407 hryvnia. Experts say almost any Ukrainian, guided by simple rules, can save at least 10% of their income. The website “Today” figured out how to spend salary and what you can save.

How to spend the salary: start planning

One of the first “financial” rules – planning, says the founder of the training center “Cashflow Ukraine” Alexey Polovinkin. The expert is sure: plan must not only buy in supermarkets, but also all the costs. For example, divide your salary into several parts: savings, mandatory expenses and your desired expenses. The last item you can donate and, if necessary, to reduce the list of “desired purchases”. For example, at a salary of 10 000, 1000, you can save (to save money for big purchases and retirement), 5000 UAH to be spent on mandatory expenses (food, utilities, loan service, etc.), and 4,000 hryvnias leave for your travel expenses (clothes, sweets, taxi, etc.).

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“The majority of Ukrainians, without planning, get a paycheck and immediately spend it for your travel expenses and then to the end of the month, barely make ends meet,” says the error Ukrainians Alexey Polovinkin. If salary is only enough for mandatory expenses, you need to think about finding additional income or a new job.

Where and how to find additional income, you can read here.

“The majority of Ukrainians, without planning, get a paycheck and immediately spend it for your travel expenses and then to the end of the month, barely make ends meet,” says the error Ukrainians Alexey Polovinkin.

How to spend a salary:

  • Part of the salary – from 10 to 30% to save for retirement and large expenses
  • To determine the list of mandatory spending (the minimum set of products, tools, hygiene, communal and other bills)
  • To determine the amount of “desired purchases” (money on entertainment, unnecessary purchases, etc.)

Alexei Polovinkin sure to properly plan their expenses, it’s easy to get rid of unpleasant “surprises”. “The majority live such thinking: “disaster, my girlfriend is pregnant and I’m not ready!”, “the horror, the child goes to school, spend so much”. Perhaps you did not know before, that the child will go to the first class? If a person plans, he has a different opinion: “Oh, finally the pension, you can travel around the world,” “cheers, I’ll have a baby!”. If you plan, then life becomes more enjoyable,” says the expert.

How to save on groceries

To buy goods at the food fairs. At agricultural fairs, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, honey, and milk, as stated in KCSA, can be purchased 10-15% cheaper than the usual city markets. Where to find the capital fair, can be found here.

“At the fair you can buy cheese and sausage is cheaper than the supermarket. In the supermarket discount to buy cold cuts and cheese not worth it. They can be spoiled. Our family thanks to the fairs of good saves. Procuring once a week,” shares tips Elena from Kiev.


Before going to the store or the market to make a list of products. Experts also advise not to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. It is best to plan in advance the necessary food for a week, and buy only items on the list. If you have the desire to buy something from the list, this item can be placed in the list for next week.

Subscribe to newsletters of shopping and enjoy discounts. Many large supermarket chains have discounts on certain products. For example, one supermarket chain is now washing powder sold with a discount of 30%. Such discounts are almost any goods.

“It happens that it is unnecessary now but buy. Because the campaign will end, then you will need. Washing powder, liquid soap, shampoo, toothpaste, pasta Italian. But we need to look at the expiration date,” says Oksana from Kiev.

Carefully choose the products. Cereals it is better to buy bags, it is cheaper. Prices of local products may be lower – they don’t need to spend money for transportation and long storage. Whole chicken is always cheaper than parts. From legs and wings to make soup.

How to save money on clothes and technology

Shopping on the Internet. Prices in online stores can be much lower due to the savings on the sellers and the contents of the room. “I shoes for two years-buy online. It all started, then went to a large store and liked it very much sandals Tamaris (German brand). They then cost 3 thousand hryvnias. I measure up, remember its size, and went online to look, found them online for 1500 and ordered,” – says Oksana from Kiev. But the purchase of clothing in the network must be treated carefully. Appliances online can also be cheaper than in stores.

In addition, if the summer to buy winter clothes and shoes, and in winter – summer, you can buy quality clothes and footwear with great discounts. “You need to buy sandals in winter, and coats and boots in summer. In season new collections are very expensive, and when you buy clothes and shoes off-season, huge discounts,” – said the girl.

How to save on utilities

In the heating season after the growth of tariffs the lion’s share of family budget is spent on utilities. According to experts in the field of energy efficiency, to reduce the amount of the payment can be 50%. Ideally, you should conduct a thermo-modernization of houses. However, the first step to efficiency is to buy energy efficient bulbs.

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How to save:

  • Install lever taps that immediately stop the water flow
  • “Upgrade” the cistern (to reduce its volume or to buy special energy saving tank)
  • To use the washing machine with energy class A+ and higher
  • Washing the dishes is not in the running water and conserve the water and off the water while brushing your teeth
  • To pay less for electricity is to use energy-saving bulbs, put the refrigerator at 10 cm from the wall and away from the batteries and direct sunlight, and rarely use a cleaner.

Up to 40% of the heat removed from the room through the window. Expert of national ecological center Maxim Babayev advises: gas stove to spent less gas, you must use a clean container with a flat bottom. Patina on pots leads to heat its contents will require more energy. Also is to insulate or replace the Windows and think about the two-band the meter.