Three cups of coffee a day protects against prostate cancer – scientists

Italian scientists for four years have seen over 7000 people, analyzing how and how often they drink. In addition, each participant regularly screened for signs of prostate cancer. George Panis and his colleagues concluded that those men who daily drank at least three cups of espresso and cappuccino, two times less likely to develop cancer of the prostate.

Scientists decided to find out what has caused this action of coffee. For this, they conducted an additional study in which watched on prostate cancer cells is influenced by extracts from normal coffee and decaf. Coffee extract containing caffeine, suppress division of tumor cells and their ability to proliferation. Decaf this effect did not possess.

All this suggests that the antitumor effect of coffee is associated with contained in the drink caffeine, not other components.

The world health organization added coffee to the list of products, which provoke the development of cancer. However, researchers could not confirm that coffee causes cancer.

Most likely, the cancer is not to blame the coffee and the temperature of the drink. The use of hot beverages at temperatures that exceed 65 degrees, can indeed increase the risk of developing some forms of cancer, e.g., cancer of the esophagus.

Previously, scientists have found that walking the stairs invigorates stronger than coffee.