Russian political analyst made a sad prediction for trump

The US President-elect Donald trump may not be long for the White house, he will not forgive the surrender of national interests of the United States to the Kremlin. This opinion was expressed by Russian political scientist, journalist, political scientist Andrei Piontkovsky.
“I think that Frank manifestation of himself as the Russian agent for a long time in the White house will not stay,” said the analyst.

However, he did not specify whether it’s impeachment or other existing U.S. procedures.

“I don’t know how they do it, but it seems to me that such blatant sale of the interests of America and the West to Putin, the us Congress will not forgive,” – said Piontkovsky.

We will remind that earlier Andrey Piontkovsky told how trump is going to run “the main frenzied desire of the Kremlin” – to remove the sanctions, and warned Ukraine of the “Russian” threat from the new President of the United States.