Ukraine’s Supreme court has not yet decided whether to accept into production the claim of “Gazprom”

Ukraine’s Supreme court has not decided whether to accept the lawsuit, filed by the Russian “Gazprom” relative to the penalty from the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine. This was at the briefing said the judge of the Economic chamber of the Supreme court of Ukraine Anatoly Yemets.

“The automated system of distribution of cases has determined that the statement of “Gazprom” is in production judge Inna Berdnik. “Gazprom” does not agree with the decision of the courts of first, appeal and cassation instances (regarding penal sanctions on the part of the ACU – Ed.) appealed to the Supreme court,” said Yemets.


  • “Gazprom” appealed a billion-dollar fine in the Ukraine

According to him, the judge-Rapporteur, decided to remedy the deficiencies of the claim – were wrong certified copy – up to 22 August.

“But, since we after the holidays, today is the first day I came to work, even from the judge-Rapporteur is 2 weeks on making the decision to open a debate or not. The final decision will be the Economic chamber of the APU (the Supreme court of Ukraine – Ed.). We expect that the judge-Rapporteur will decide this Friday (September 8 – Ed.)”, – explained the judge.

In February 2016, the AMC has decided to impose on the Russian Gazprom the penalty at 85.9 billion, or about 3.2 billion dollars for violation of legislation on protection of economic competition. “Gazprom” has passed all the courts, but the courts have left the complaint without consideration.

Subsequently, the AMC had over 100% interest on 85,9 billion fine in the amount of 85,96 billion. In December 2016, the Economic court of Kiev satisfied the claim of the AMC regarding the enforcement of fines and penalties from “Gazprom” in the amount of 172 billion.

On 21 April the Antimonopoly Committee instructed the State Executive service to collect 172 billion of fines and penalties from “Gazprom”.

In the framework of the enforcement of the debt on this court’s decision, the State Executive service have resorted to arrest “hazpromu” 40.2% of the shares of PJSC “Gaztranzit” (Kiev). Was arrested 79,877 million dividend, payable to “Gazprom” participation in JSC “Gaztranzit” and corporate rights and property of OOO “Gazprom Sbyt Ukraine”.

Later “Gazprom” has achieved cancellation of the write-off of payable to “Gazprom” 79,9 million of dividends from the “Gaztranzit”. Litigation concerning the enforcement of the debt continues.