Russia will arm heavy duty missile complex “Sarmat” against PRO USA

Krasnoyarsk machine-building plant is ready to begin production of heavy multi-stage liquid ICBM “Sarmat”, which will replace the ballistic complex “Governor”, for over 25 years which is the basis of the mine group of the Russian strategic nuclear forces.

According to “Izvestia”, the completion of modernization “Krasmash” indicates readiness for full flight tests of missiles “Sarmat” and start the production in 2018. Since last year are the so-called throwing test promising Russian strategic missile system of the fifth generation silo-based, in which test the compatibility of the future of the rocket with the starting shaft and algorithms for engine start.

Although all details about the complex is classified by its dimensions “Sarmat”, probably, corresponds to the R-36M2 to the new missile can be placed in the same mines as “Governor.”Heavy missiles are needed in order to provide a guaranteed opportunity to overcome both existing and prospective American missile defense system. The current rocket “Governor” weighs almost 200 tons and can deliver in the other hemisphere of the planet ten nuclear warheads of the megaton class.

It is reported that in contrast, “Sarmat” will be two times lighter, but also more efficient on the power, and the missile range will exceed 11 thousand kilometers. With the new engine, the rocket can deliver a nuclear warhead not only the optimal trajectories but also on the unexpected enemy. For example, one of the directions of flight of a strategic missile is a North pole, and the “Sarmatian” can deliver the charge through the South pole.