“Hammer” will get the system of volley fire

The Israeli company IMI Systems develops reactive system of volley fire on the chassis of the famous American Humvee armored car, widely known as “the hammer,” reports Popular Mechanics.

Military vehicle HMMWV, standing in service with the us army, has a high permeability, suitable for transport by air and land, and the Israelis offered to equip it, perhaps, the most unusual option — jet system of volley fire C-Lynx. Self-propelled complex will be useful to the armed forces of a special purpose, which is not always possible air support.

In the rear Humvee will install the swivel bearing with the launcher C-Lynx to eight missiles with a caliber of 122 millimeters. The mass of the warhead of the rocket will be about 20 kilograms, and the range of reactive systems of volley fire — about 40 kilometers. Missile guidance will be implemented from the cockpit or remotely. In the future, and the use of precision-guided missiles.

These can become missiles with trajectory correction ACCULAR own development IMI Systems. They use inertial trajectory correction system on satellite coordinates, as well as a special set of controls, resulting in the probable deviation does not exceed 10 meters. Transporting the reactive system of volley fire on the chassis of the “hammer” is planned on a military transport plane C-130 Hercules.