In the UK published the final results of the elections

 At the end of counting data for all constituencies of the British conservatives got in the parliamentary elections 318 mandates, labour 262, the Scottish national party 35, Liberal democratic — 12, the Democratic unionist — 10, the Party of Wales — 3, Party “green” one.

The latter reported on the results of voting London borough of Kensington, where the gap between candidates from the Conservative and labour parties was so small that it took several recounts of votes.

When no party gains more than half the seats, there is a situation of a “hung Parliament” and the need to create coalitions. The Prime Minister, the conservative leader Theresa may announced plans of cooperation with the Northern Irish Democratic unionist party, however, did not specify in what form it will take place.

Earlier it was reported that a formal coalition between the DUP and conservatives will not, however, the DUP is committed to support the Tory government if everyone will agree.