GPU prepares a new view to the removal of immunity from Mosiychuk.

The General Prosecutor of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko declares that the submission for the provision of the Verkhovna Rada consent to the criminal prosecution, detention and arrest of people’s Deputy of fraction “Radical party” Ihor Mosiychuk can be extended in re-introduced in Parliament by the autumn.

“The consequence now checks other actions that are likely to serve to expand the presentation”, – Lutsenko told the journalists on Thursday in Kiev.

“If this is confirmed, I think that during the summer season we will complete this check. And performance in the same or enlarged, the document will go to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine”, – said the Prosecutor General.

After some time, he said that he was ready for lifting of his immunity because he intends to prove his innocence in court, and also assured in the lack of investigation of any new facts of his offenses.

“No new facts of my misdemeanors and there can not be. But every day there are more documentary evidence of my innocence. Examination and other evidence prove that the case against me was falsified for political reasons. I’m ready for the lifting of parliamentary immunity. Moreover, I was advocating, vote for the abolition of parliamentary immunity to all deputies”, – he wrote on his Facebook page on Thursday evening.

The MP said that he wants to prove his innocence in court, in connection with what is said. “in the fall dolzhon to begin (review – Ed.) my claim in the European court of human rights and including my illegal detention and arrest in the Verkhovna Rada on 17 September 2015”.

MP also expressed his belief that in this way the government is trying to force him to support during the voting of the Parliament, government projects key reforms: “No view will not make me betray Oleg Lyashko and the command of the Radical party, to vote for anti-national medical, pension or land reform.

Mosiychuk believes that Lutsenko announced plans indicate the intention of the public Prosecutor to the beginning of the next session of Parliament to make two dozen submissions on removal of inviolability from deputies.

“This statement of the public Prosecutor Lutsenko fully confirms that in the autumn they will have made two dozen unsubstantiated representations in Parliament to consent to the criminal prosecution, detention and arrest of people’s deputies, after the rejection of which is Yury Vitalyevich (Lutsenko – Ed.) will resign and, by creating the image of a new anti-corruption Commissioner Cattani will head the new political project”, – wrote the people’s Deputy from “Radical party”.

As reported, 17 September 2015 at the meeting of the Parliament at the time the former attorney General V. Shokin asked the Verkhovna Rada to abolish the immunity of I. Mosiychuk, who is suspected of committing crimes under part 4 St. 368 (acceptance of an offer, promise or receipt of unlawful benefit by an official), part 2, 3 of article 296 (hooliganism), part 1,2 of article 350 (threat or violence against official or citizen fulfilling a public duty), part 1 of article 376 (interference in the judiciary), part 1,2, article 377 (threat or violence against a judge, people’s assessor or juror) of the criminal code of Ukraine.

On September 18 the Pechersk district court chose to Mosiychuk a measure of restraint in form of detention for a period of 60 days. Subsequently, the Kyiv court of Appeals upheld the decision of Pechersky regional court. 15 Nov row content Mosiychuk custody has expired, colleagues immediately took him from the BSP and took him to the national Institute of surgery and Transplantology. Shalimov for surgery.

17 Nov Vasu invalidated the decision of the Parliament on the lifting of parliamentary immunity and arrest of the Chairman.

In March 2016 the trial chamber for consideration of administrative cases of the Supreme court of Ukraine during consideration of the case of the Chairman took the decision to apply to the Plenum of the Supreme court that he be sent to the constitutional court a proposal regarding the interpretation of provisions of the law on the Verkhovna Rada, which concerns the procedure of bringing to responsibility deputies.

May 10, the judicial chamber on administrative cases of the Supreme court of Ukraine dismissed the complaint Vasu about recognition illegal and cancellation of the Parliament’s decision about consent on bringing to criminal liability and arrest of the Chairman.

In early June, Lutsenko stated about investigation of the criminal proceedings against the Chairman and made it clear that re-made a representation in Parliament for the lifting of his parliamentary immunity.

October 25, 2016, the attorney General said that the case of the Chairman “for a long time stuck in court,” but last week came back from the court to the Prosecutor General’s office and is ready for reintroduction to the Verkhovna Rada.

“But we have another episode that we would like to investigate, and simultaneously, the case was sent to the deputies, as they say, that two times not to walk… Literally these days is check the available facts, then there will be some investigations, and if we get the evidence that will serve as a basis for suspicion, we will provide representation in the Verkhovna Rada not only old (suspicion suspicion – Ed.) but also allocated for the new revealed circumstances”, – he explained.

In this Lutsenko added that if the new episode is not there is sufficient evidence, will be filed representation to the Parliament on lifting the parliamentary immunity of the Chairman only on the old suspicion of committing a crime.