Poklonskaya said the information about the secret apartment in Donetsk

Illegally elected Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Poklonskaya denied reports that it has undeclared apartments in Donetsk, and announced that it intends to initiate a parliamentary inquiry to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation. This was reported by the Deputy, RBC.

“I will ask the Prosecutor General of Russia to check on the fact of the crimes committed. On the grounds of articles (of the Criminal code – Ed.) 201 (abuse of authority by a person performing managerial functions in commercial purposes), 128.1 (slander), 137 (dissemination of information about private life without the consent of the person against a minor child), 170 (registration of illegal transactions with real estate)”, she said.

Poklonskaya said: “Tonight we are all ready, and tomorrow will send”. “Because it’s all I can comment on now is initiating inspections. And then Transparency International will really be doing to cut firewood,” said Poklonski.

She also claims that “in Donetsk’s been passing”. Answering a question, whether to do with her last name Dubrovskaya, a Deputy said, “I Poklonskaya. My own business from the moment of birth, birth certificate, and until (care – Ed.) from the General Prosecutor is the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. This is a certified document, and therefore what they are doing with these documents in Ukraine for political reasons, I do not know”.

Poklonskaya has compared the charges with situations where “law enforcement officers exceeded their authority and threw the victim drugs, or ammunition, or money.” “And I goes, decided to “throw” the apartment. 29 square meters? You know, somehow scopulate! That’s interesting, and a Villa and a yacht as they are also “detects”?” she said.

Earlier in Transparency International said that the so-called Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Poklonskaya has not specified in its Declaration of her property in Donetsk.