How to use the card during a holiday in the EU: everything you need to know

A biometric passport, insurance, tickets and payment cards – virtually everything you need Ukrainians to travel to EU without visas. Innovation comes into force on June 11. The website “Today” to find out how much money is needed for travel in the EU and how to use a credit card abroad.

How to take money

One of the criteria on which the immigration service of any country admits tourists – their solvency. In addition, each country determines how much money is enough tourist. For example, in Croatia one day to less than 100 euros, in the Czech Republic and Portugal – 40 euros, and in Latvia – only 18 euros.

Confirm capacity to pay will help Bank card international payment system. Europeans have long preferred cash Bank cards: law enforcement officers at the border do not only count notes, but, and check Bank account “guest”.

For this, the Director of the travel network Oleg Kulik, law enforcement can ask the tourist to come together to the ATM or Bank terminal and check the account. Another option is to call the Bank and check account status over the phone.

“Actually, it’s not such a big amount. For travel to EU countries is only a few hundred euros. Better to take cash and card. It is not known whether persons at any time to pay with the card. In most of the institutions have the opportunity to pay with a card, but not all”, – said the expert. Also Oleg Kulik advised to take banknotes in small denominations – delivery from the seller of Souvenirs from 500 euros might not be.

Many Ukrainians, bankers say, still don’t know that abroad to pay for purchases even his salary card. “To pay for the purchase abroad any map, even a salary. But, before you go, be sure to notify your Bank. Although FUIB, for example, in the new online banking change golemite can be yourself,” advises the Chairman of the Board of First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) Sergey Chernenko.

In article 6 of the Schengen borders code also States: the right to enter are tourists that “you can justify the purpose and conditions of intended stay and have sufficient means of subsistence for the intended stay and for return to the country of origin or transit to a third country, the right to enter in which they are guaranteed to be there; or they have the ability to legally obtain such means.”

As explained by lawyer Alexander Plakhotnik, this means that the border guard may ask you to explain for what purpose you have come into the country, how will you return, where you will live. “Sometimes you may be asked to document their words,” explains the lawyer.

Alexander Plahotnik advised in advance to buy a ticket back and book a hotel room (or get an invitation from a citizen of the country), in this case, the law enforcement will not be there to spoil a vacation.

That can prove financial viability:

1. A Bank card with sufficient funds on your account
2. Cash
3. Booked and paid hotel room and a return ticket
4. Guarantee from someone who was invited into the country

It is worth considering, if you pay the hryvnia card in foreign stores will be an automatic cashless conversion. The hryvnia convert, for example, in Euro at the exchange rate, which will be relevant to this day. Most of the banks for the conversion charge a 1% Commission fee.

For example, according to the official exchange rate, 100 euros can be bought for 2949,6 hryvnia. If you buy something for that amount hryvnia card with the fee for conversion of 1%, cards will be written off 2979 hryvnia (2949,6 for the purchase and almost 30 hryvnia for the conversion). There are special cards for travelers, for the use of which the fee for conversion is not removed, for example – the credit card from FUIB SoloМандри.

It is also worth considering that in Ukraine there is a limitation for purchase of foreign currency, which applies to purchases by means of UAH cards abroad. You can spend an amount equivalent to not more than 150 thousand hryvnia. And shoot with the currency card can be the equivalent of 250 thousand hryvnia per day.

There are restrictions for travellers who are planning to take a vacation cash. So, without Declaration, you can spend 10 euros (equivalent). If more money, you need to fill out a Declaration form and show a certificate stating that the money was withdrawn from Bank accounts during the previous 30 days.

How to prepare for the journey: advice from the banker

To take a few cards. Experienced travelers suggest to further make the currency card. Before the trip, to be split between cards the amount you plan to spend, says Serhiy Chernenko. Ukrainian banks issue special Bank cards for travelers. So, SoloМандры from FUIB personal credit card Mastercard Platinum with chip and PayPass. This card allows you to pay anywhere in the world. The money card you can withdraw in any ATM of different countries without commissions within the credit limit. And if you return the funds for up to 62 days to pay a Commission on the loan is not necessary.

A credit card can be issued in any FUIB branch office. At itself it is necessary to have the passport and the INN, as well as proof of income. If the client receives a salary on the card in the financial institution, the income statement is not required. As explained in the Bank card will be issued directly in the Department, and registration takes a few minutes.

Also Sergey Chernenko advises to remove restrictions on payment operations on the map. They are many banks. This can be done by a call to the Bank: you will need to call your card number, date of birth and place of residence – restrictions with the card in just a few seconds.

To connect SMS-banking. The Chairman of the management Board of FUIB Sergey Chernenko also recommend prior to traveling abroad to contact the Bank and activate the service SMS notification. In addition, you need to call your mobile carrier and make sure SMS will be coming over the border.

SMS alerts can be activated in the Bank for a few minutes. FUIB this service costs 60 UAH (one-time payment if the standard map package, this service is not included). In the map SoloМандри SMS notification activate for free immediately after registration of the card.

The calculation of the plastic card try not to let the card out of your sight and in doubtful situations, pay cash, suggest to the Bank. If got SMS that card has written off the funds that you are removed, you should immediately block the card and contact the Bank.

To check exchange rates and Commission of your Bank. If you use the hryvnia card, and, for example, the settlement currency of the crown in the first place will be converted from hryvnia to the dollar, and then, as the day of withdrawal from the account, from the dollar to the crown. Therefore, the exact rate is difficult to determine. You should pay attention to the size conversion fees. If it is more than 2%, you should consider to use the card of another Bank. To avoid extra conversion to the dollar, the currency card can be opened in euros. However, you have to consult with your Bank.

“Some banks may be a fee for paying in another currency. When you use an ATM abroad, remember there is a limit on withdrawals, and the fee for the issuance of money can be, for example, a half percent of the amount,” – said Sergey Chernenko.

What else you need to know. In the European Union without visas will not be more than three months within six months (the 90/180 rule). If you violate this condition, you can get into the Schengen information system. After that, you can refuse entry to any EU country.

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