Ukrainians do not trust the government and banks to increase the profit: the figures and events of the week


42% of Ukrainians
we believe that the government is leading the country in the wrong direction. As the results of a survey conducted by the center “Sofia” in the South-East of the country negatively perceive the political course of the current government 79%; in the centre is 70%; in the West 64%. President Petro Poroshenko rather don’t trust – 27% do not trust 51% one. The Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andrew Parubiy don’t trust 82%.Parliament is not trusted by 89%. Cabinet – 86%. Courts in one way or another trust only 6% of respondents; the public Prosecutor’s office 9%; the police – 23%.

700 thousand articles
now there are Ukrainian-language Wikipedia was reported in public organization “Wikimedia Ukraine”. She is ranked 16th in the number of articles among different language versions of Wikipedia.

Up to 70% of the unemployed
in some regions of Ukraine have higher education and in the labour market have a great need for blue-collar jobs, said employment in the civil service.

2.92 million residents
now officially lives in Kiev. In January-March, the population of the capital increased by 3 268 people. Thus, the natural increase amounted to 531 people, and migration – 2737.This was announced by the Department of statistics in Kiev.

766 million UAH
from the State regional development Fund will be allocated in 2017 for 111 programmes and projects in 18 regions of the country – the corresponding list approved by the Cabinet.

333 criminal proceedings
as at 31 may are the detectives of the National anti-corruption Bureau to the court for consideration on the merits sent to 68 indictments.

For 2 years
prior to 1 January 2020, pending the introduction in Ukraine of environmental standards “Euro-6” the importation and holding of the first state registration of new and used vehicles.The corresponding bill was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada. Solenogastres yet the norm, such restrictions must be established by 1 January 2018.

from 1 July
finally abolished state regulation of prices for food products. A decree adopted by the Cabinet.From 1 October last year this reversal has existed as a pilot project.

340 thousand
biometric passports for travel abroad issued by the Ukrainians in may. In April, they received 216 thousand., and in may last year, 192 thousand


inflation in Ukraine in may compared to 0.9% in April, reported state statistics Committee. In annual terms (compared to the same period last year) growth in consumer prices in may accelerated to 13.5% from 12.2% at the end of April.With the beginning of the year inflation amounted to 6.2%.

9,42 billion UAH
net profit received in January-April against the solvent banks of 11.54 billion. loss in the same period of the previous year. According to the NBU, the operating income of banks increased by 9.8 percent to 63.02 billion UAH. and expenses decreased by 27.6 per cent to 53.6 billion. It is reported that the revenue growth was due to the result of trading transactions and commissions, lowering costs by reducing contributions to reserves, interest and other operating expenses.

4.5% more in annual terms sea ports of Ukraine in January-may exceeded goods, according to the data of SE “Administration of sea ports of Ukraine”. The handling of export cargo grew by 4.7% and imports by 14%. Transshipment of transit cargo fell by 1.9% and cargo internal communication fell by 49.9%.

6.5 billion UAH
will support agricultural producers in 2018, including compensation of cost of agricultural machinery – UAH 1 bn., said Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman. In the current year on support of the Ukrainian manufacturers of agricultural machinery allocated 550 million UAH.

About 300 billion
cash is now outside the banking system – this was an assessment made of the NBU.

Increased by 24.5%
in annual terms, the metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine in January-may income from exports of ferrous metals – to 3.38 billion dollarcollapse to customs statistics, promulgated by the state fiscal service, for ferrous metals for this period had of 19.59% of total income from exports of goods against from 19.81% in the first five months of last year.

56.6% of
sostavila may 1, the share of non-performing (defaulted) loans in the banking system of Ukraine, which was 1.49 percentage points higher than on 1 April.The volume of non-performing loans as of may 1 totaled 569,1 billion UAH. total loans – 1,006 trillion UAH.

The world

50% of Russians
now called Ukraine as among the most hostile to their country States. According to the “Levada-center”, it is the maximum for the time of the research (in 2014 it was 30%). The main enemy are the USA (69%), but there is a downtrend (last year was 73%). Turkey, included in the 2016 first “enemy” of the three with 29%, and now ranks 11th (8%), and its place was taken by Germany with 24% (like in Latvia and Lithuania). The five best friends for 5 percentage points over the year added China and Syria, the three other traditional ally (Belarus, Kazakhstan, and India) lost by 4-5 points. In two years from 54 to 46% reduction in the number of Russians who believe that Russia is in international isolation, and from 58 to 44% decrease in the proportion of those whom it concerned.

lost the conservatives the UK after the early parliamentary elections, thus they lost their absolute majority, although having a simple majority of 314 seats. While 34 of the mandate increases the opposition faction of the labour party to 266. The liberal Democrats would get 14 seats, six more than now.The Scottish national party lost 22 seats and will receive only 34 seats.UKIP (independence Party of great Britain), a key mastermind of the referendum on withdrawal from the EU, has lost its sole representative in Parliament. A Parliament without an absolute majority in the UK called “limbo”: the ruling party will have to make agreements with other factions.

9 countries
involved in the boycott campaign of Qatar. First, 5 Jun Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE and Egypt have announced the rupture of diplomatic relations with Qatar, stopping him any message. Then they were joined by Yemen, the interim government of Libya, the Maldives, Mauritius and Comoros.Officially States that the reason for this step was the allegations against Qatari authorities in support of terrorist activities, including “al-Qaeda” and the group “Islamic state”. June 7, S&P downgraded the sovereign rating of Qatar from “AA” to “AA-” and has assigned a negative Outlook, which suggests that it can be reduced even in the case of higher political risk or when larger-than-expected growth of the national debt.Rate of Qatari Rial began to decline and have reached record lows over the past 11 years.

Filter can reach 1.5 trillion dollars
the amount of damage from the coming hurricane season in the United States, lasting from 1 June to 30 November, predicts consulting company CoreLogic.

Increased to 3.5% from 3.3%
assessment of growth of real world GDP in 2017,according to darldeergitly for economic cooperation and development (OECD). In 2018 is expected to increase in the rate of rise to 3.6%, this forecast has not been revised.At the end of last year, the global economy grew by 3%.The OECD forecasts this year, lifting global GDP by 3.5% due to the increase of trade and investment and improve the performance of some large commodity-based economies.

Of 3.69 billion dollars
so Forbes magazine estimated the present value of the football club “Manchester United” became the most expensive in the world (over the past year the income amounted to 765 million dollars). In second place is Barcelona with a value of 3.63 billion dollars and income of 688 million On the third–”real” (Madrid), estimated at $3.58 billion and with an income of 688 million dollars