Loud, pointless and unnecessary

On Thursday in the UK are the third elections in three years — to the discontent of most voters.

On Tuesday evening, Prime Minister Theresa may announced that the next day after the General election on Thursday her government intends to develop additional measures to combat terrorism — provided that they win the election. Mei pointedly said that it will not associate itself guaranteed human rights.

Terrorism during the election campaign

The Prime Minister went on the offensive in response to the attack on Saturday in London. After the attack, even more important than after the previous two, was the question of whether the British unit to combat terrorism, to deal with the growing jihadist threat. One of the three perps were known to the investigation authorities, the other, at least, had to be known. Unusually, the party one day before the General election has revised and supplemented its electoral program. If Mei felt forced on the defensive, it is a hasty statement is clearly demonstrated.

In addition, the response mirrors the campaign of the ruling tories in recent weeks: solid tone, precarious position. Which human rights may want to cut? Convicted foreigners can now be deported from the country. In any case, most terror suspects have British passports; Mei wants to forbid them to use the computer? Then they will be even harder to control. She wants to ban Internet companies to provide encryption? As a result, the terrorists will communicate through hidden loopholes in the Internet.

The same is true in the case of PACSICOM. Coming out of the EU was the obvious reason why Theresa may in April, announced early elections. She needs a strong mandate for negotiations with Brussels, saying the conservatives. Does anyone that the EU governments will be more willing to make concessions, if may get not 17, and 50 or more seats in Parliament? The slogans of the strong and stable leadership may not define the objectives of negotiations or at least a shared vision of Brexia (most important topics), but this is not the labour party.

Hole in the political middle

The most popular comment in the beginning gave Brenda a resident of Bristol. “What? The elections again? Why would may do that?”, she said into the microphone of a reporter. General elections were the third in three years after the elections of 2015 and a referendum on leaving the EU a year ago. This leads to massive frustration, many observers expect a low turnout. In addition to sociologists, political scientists, politicians and journalists, the elections were no longer profitable. Possible, may want to exclude skeptical to Europe hawks from their own ranks, it needs more than an impressive majority. Currently, nothing indicates that she may have a motive.

According to many, the election campaign was rather difficult. Program Tory and labour not so long ago was different. The labour party want to nationalise the Railways and infrastructure, to impose wealth tax, raise the minimum wage, unions to return to the old instruments of power and to abolish tuition fees, which, combined with state credits will increase the number of seats. This is the radical left the program for decades.

In the matter of Breccia and migration the conservatives, by contrast, took the extreme right position. But they questioned the place of the left in the political structure. Mei wants to promote the creation of jobs in enterprises and adjusting energy prices. Two years ago the tories have criticized these proposals as “Marxist”. The state budget deficit and the promotion of entrepreneurship is almost forgotten. It is not surprising that commercial organizations in these elections, in contrast, refrained from supporting parties. The louder it became, the fiercer argued opponents. The tories have consistently indicated weak leadership of the leader of labour’s Jeremy Corbin, while he himself blamed for all the problems austerity policies of the government.

The UPS and downs in the polls

In early may predicted a Tory victory, “the team may” was ahead of labour by 20 percentage points. Then, the gap has narrowed to 5 points. Mei made several serious tactical errors, she looked awkward and tense. Corbin, by contrast, coped with the task. He apparently held an intensive media training and seemed very convincing. Probably they are young, or they have very short memories if they believe the pacifist Corbin that he reached out to representatives of the Palestinian group Hamas or the IRA for the service of the world. In fact he was never a mediator, and expressed solidarity with the supporters of political violence.

In recent days, the tories again slightly increased the gap in the polls, but the predictions differ. It is ironic that the parliamentary majority with less than 40 mandates is considered a setback for may, and the result is in excess of 70 seats, would be a triumph. The first results are expected to appear in the night on Friday.