Of any habits you should immediately get rid of

Habit is a second nature. And she has to have so strong an impact that sets the tone for the rest of our lives.

Just a few of the habits and life becomes either easier or much harder, writes facenews.ua. And here are the seven habits that most quickly lead to feelings of unhappiness, get rid of them and you will feel triple a surge of strength and energy:

The pursuit of perfection

Everything is always difficult, if you’re a perfectionist. Such a person is very difficult to achieve the state of happiness, because even the way achievements should be perfect. There is always someone who is understanding of a perfectionist still something better-a house, apartment, career, family, hairstyle. Moments of happiness for such a person is very fleeting and rare – only when he felt that he had done something perfectly, and until then, until I saw that someone made it even better.

Communication with people who are always dissatisfied with something

Man is a social being. We can’t completely detached from other people and to live as a hermit, nothing and no one listening. Those with whom we communicate, we have a big enough impact. How can you be happy when everyone around you constantly say that life is terrible and for the most part unjust and cruel? For some, these thoughts and opinions are paramount and relate to absolutely everything. These interlocutors, it is better to avoid and eliminate the data noise from your field. If this is your inner voice, then we need to seriously work on yourself.

Constant thoughts about the past and future instead of the present

Rule “here and now” know everything. Focusing on thoughts of the future or past, we lose the sense of time which occurs in the most important time is “now”. We often dwell on something negative, and much less we remember the pleasant moments. We’ve been circling thoughts about why something failed, why turn us away, why we didn’t do the right thing. Old grievances, failure – all these savory bites off a piece from our happiness here and now. For everything there is a time, mourn, analyzed, made conclusions and move forward.

Comparing yourself and your life with others

Someone’s always something better, even if other aspects of your life can be much worse than you. In General, the constant comparison of yourself with someone is a terrible habit. And the more comparisons you were better, the more it will hurt if someone is better than you.

Focusing on the negative moments in life

Not far to seek – wait in a queue, where many retirees and aunts close to retirement age, who get their main news from TV and radio. All the talk about what’s around constantly steal, kill, fired, and “best” friends being taken away from under the noses of husbands and wives. Then the standard should monologue on the topic “When the Soviet Union was not like this”. Grandma lives every day, and this news for her and are life. Similarly, as for her grandmother’s youth “in the Soviet Union” was immoral, and so before the creation of the world.

Dependence on the opinions of others

Before to do something, you always think: “what will people think (say)?”. You may feel that you are the center of attention of many people, and a violation of the standard boundaries of behavior you will start the mechanism of condemnation. If you’re trying to do something new, do it in secret from the society. The constant looking back and a sidelong glance at the others clearly interferes with personal development and, consequently, happiness.

The complication of life

Life is interesting and incredibly complex. But the interesting thing is that most all the difficulties and “insurmountable” obstacles we ourselves create.