London, the capital of LIH, welcomes you

Today, the capital of the United Kingdom once again attracted the attention of the international community. The reason is not that the country leave the European Union and that soon it will start parliamentary elections, and not even the fact that Scotland is scheduled to hold a new referendum on secession from the United Kingdom, the unity and solidarity which, according to Theresa may, are key to the security of the state. This time, London became the target of terrorist groups that have adopted Islamic slogans and attributes, thereby destroying the notion that Islam is characterized by tolerance and moderation. Their actions cause us to forget that the religion — a legacy of the civilization which created the greatest figure in the history of mankind — the Prophet Muhammad, the great philosopher Ali and their righteous companions Abu Bakr and Omar. Forget that this religion was surrounded by Muhammad Ali and those companions who could not be terrorists and never called for terrorism. All that said now this is a real slander, lies. Quranic verses and some hadiths which have reached us from those times, reflect the period of the rise of Islam. At the beginning of its propagation in the solution of problems-acted in accordance with the realities and requirements of the time. What happened then does not correspond to the reality in which we live today, but what is left of Islam today, and that reflects its essence, the ideas of moderation, tolerance, love, and high humanity.

This time the American and Israeli intelligence agencies and the puppet government believe that London, the capital of the United Kingdom should be at the center of conflict between Christian and Islamic civilizations. As always, the Zionists will remain in the main position by sowing discord, hatred and intolerance are using Muslims as a tool to foment the conflict, the victims of which will be many of them. The terrorists will move between Paris, Berlin and London, arranging massacres and terrorist attacks everywhere. Surprisingly, these capital opened its doors to religious extremist movements that promote violence and murder. The policy of Western governments, including media campaigns, suggests that for money and the supply of weapons they forgot about human rights, security bodies and government agencies allow terrorist groups to operate.

ISIS militants (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) arrive in London. The British government knows that the country is home to thousands of members and supporters of the organization that they are inclined to support extremist ideas, and thereby threaten the security of the state. In addition, the country is full of uncontrolled criminals who fear nothing and act quickly. However, the authorities do not perform fully its obligations in respect of these extremists. These are people who cannot keep word or through the media. To restrain them only by force, because their goal is murder and acts of terrorism, not dialogue. Their mission is clear — the proliferation of perverted religious ideas that have nothing to do with Islam or any other religion.