An interesting experiment: as the description of the wine affects the desire to buy it

The text on the label of a wine bottle affects the emotions of the buyer, his perception of taste, the desire to purchase wine and may even force the buyer to pay more.

This is reported by scientists from Adelaide University. Their research, they published in the journal Food Research International.

Scientists conducted an experiment, which involved 126 volunteers. They were asked to evaluate three white wines (Chardonnay, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc) in three situations: when tasting blind without any information, if possible, to obtain basic information about the wine and his detailed emotional description.

The results showed that the participants who were acquainted with the history of winemaking and details about the wine showed much more pronounced consumer interest than others.

The researchers believe that this information may be important for winemakers. The data obtained clearly demonstrate that, to attract the attention of the buyer requires more than a brief summary of the proposed fault.