Ryanair has said the refusal of entrance to Ukraine

The largest European airline Ryanair announced the cancellation of their planned entrance to Ukraine after the state enterprise “international airport “Borispol” (Kiev) has violated the agreement reached in March this year, the Ministry of Infrastructure officials of the airport and its current General Director Pavel Ryabikin, said in a statement on Monday.

“We regret that the airport in Kyiv showed that Ukraine is not yet sufficiently Mature or reliable place to invest powerful fleet Ryanair”, – commented on the decision of the chief commercial officer (CCO) Ryanair David O’brien (David O’brien).

According to him, “Borispol” chose to protect the airlines with high fares, including “Ukraine International airlines”, and deprive the Ukrainian consumers and visitors access the lowest rates in Europe and a wide network of routes.

“As a result, Ryanair has no choice but to cancel 4 of the new Kiev route Lviv and 7 new routes, which will lead to the loss of more than 500,000 passengers and 400 jobs in the first year (s) that would ensure significant economic growth of Ukraine,” added O’brien.

He expressed regret that the airport of Lviv became the victim of a decision “Borispol”.

According to him, Ryanair will pass planned for Ukraine power of competing markets such as Germany, Israel and Poland.

“Ryanair will grow from 130 million passengers this year up to 200 million passengers by 2024, and remained hopeful that Ukraine will be able to participate in this growth at some point in the future,” said O’brien.

The company in the message offered to all customers who have already bought tickets for the announced flights to and from Ukraine to contact her by mail for the refund.

We will remind, earlier in ponedelnika General Director of State enterprise “international airport “Boryspil” Pavel Ryabikin said he did not intend to sign a contract with a leading European low-cost Ryanair, until you have removed all the differences in the clauses of the contract.

“I can say as a Manager of state-owned enterprises that the contract is not profitable for us”, – he said.

Ryabikin also stated about the facts of political pressure on him in the framework of Locosto and expressed bewilderment as to why the Memorandum with the carrier signed at the government level. “If you remember, it all started with a Memorandum signed by the Ministry of infrastructure on the one hand by the Minister, another representative of Ryanair and was not signed by the representative of the airport because, at that time present at the talks the Finance Director refused to sign it,” he said.

As reported, on 15 March the largest low-cost European airline Ryanair announced the opening of 30 October 2017 11 flights from Kiev and Lviv. Then, after high demand from the Ukrainians on flights, the airline announced the postponement of the launch of certain services, in particular, from Lviv to Berlin in September 2017. Then the airline said that from Kiev, the carrier will fly from the airport “Borispol” in future, considering also the international airport “Kiev” (Juliani).