“Behave diplomatically and pose for the camera”: in the courtyard of the foreign Ministry settled the wild duck

Kuleba was addressed to the users with a request to name them

The courtyard of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine arrived a couple of wild ducks.

This was announced by the head of Department Dmitry Kuleba

“Behave diplomatically, happy to pose for the camera. Walk around the yard, settling down. In this regard, I have decided to give them diplomatic privileges and immunities necessary to the happy duck life and reproduction”, – he wrote on his page in Facebook.

The Minister noted that it remains only to give them names.

Users reacted instantly and under the post Kuleba there are plenty of options of names for the feathered family. Among them: Greta and Thunberg, Karpo and Malaska, Dim and cool, Donald and Gaga, Bonnie and Clyde, UN and UNESCO, Diplo and Matija.

Previously, we wrote about the fact that the capital Kurenyovka in the yards between the houses walking ducks. Local residents noticed the birds and photographed them.

And the utility in Cherkasy birds already breed. The company’s employees enjoy the proximity to migratory birds for the fourth year. To birds here was easier, they built a house and a bird feeder. First, the ducks lived in a pond only a few weeks in the spring. But when I saw how comfortably they have arranged the territory, decided to stay for the summer.