The Soviet Union is back?

The Soviet Union back, because the Russians voted for his return. It wasn’t a campaign promise, but not unexpected if you pay attention to the candidates. All those in Finland with horror or smile I remember the Soviet Union, would have to wonder why it happened.

Longing for the lost Empire was the main topic of 2016. That is why the British people voted to secede from the EU, trump won the election in the US, but Erdogan decided to become the new Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

Putin was a pioneer of this idea, in 2000, he promised to return the best of what was in the Soviet Union. Promises in many respects, made the oligarchs were forced to obey, the Duma no longer arguing over nothing, captured Crimea.

The core of the Putin regime was the fight against liberalism. Liberalism blamed everything that happened in Russia in the chaos of the 1990-ies. On the one hand, was privatization, which destroyed the state-owned enterprises and enriched the oligarchs, and economic devastation, and on the other hand, human rights, immigration and the rights of sexual minorities.

State television regularly talks about that in “Geyrope” children are removed from families (especially if it’s Russian family) and transmitted in the families of homosexuals. Western countries are on the brink of destruction, and only Russia as the “Third Rome” might save Christian civilization.

This idea was the main slogan of pan-Slavism in the nineteenth century. However, the Soviet Union do in order to become a model for contemporary looks. Stalin’s Soviet Union was a conservative Empire, in which abortions were banned and homosexuals imprisoned.

The fight against liberalism and the Union of the oligarchs with human rights issues was very effective. Now, the Russians don’t want neither one nor the other. But the economic collapse of the Soviet Union happened not because of the ideas of liberalism, but because of the fact that he kept the old.

According to forecasts, the reserves that Russia has created through oil exports, this year runs out, so will soon again have to decide what to do. Or try to go the usual way and do nothing.

The author — Antti Rautiainen (Antti Rautiainen), graduate of PFUR. (Anarchist; after protests 2010-2011 lost the right to reside on the territory of Russia — approx. TRANS.)