Summer surprise: when and why fly the rental of apartments and what are the options on the market

In Ukraine real estate prices in the near future can crawl up, realtors say. Primarily this is due to seasonal factors and the end of the heating season. Over the past year the rent went up on average by 20%. Most often the apartment owners to raise prices for the next tenants. Released in the summer of the apartment tenants to move at the new prices. The website “Today” figured out how much housing and how prices will change in the summer.

How much are the apartments and what the prices may be changed

Experts say the backlash to increase in rental prices appears at the end of the heating season. In the winter, when tenants have several thousand hryvnia to pay for communal, not all agree to pay more. One more push to higher prices is the seasonal factor. Summer is traditionally the apartment free students, and closer to August, the market demand takes off – thousands of students looking for rental housing.

“In 2017, I see no reason for the growth in the cost of rent. If it is not external factors. Of course, there is the impact of the political situation, military action. But those global factors that can affect. But I still think that in the next time everything will be stable,” – said the representative of the Association of realtors of Ukraine Arthur Pilipchuk.

According to the realtor’s Maxim Baburao, summer prices for rental apartments will grow by 20%. “That apartment, which is now worth 4500 hryvnia, Auguste-September can cost 5000 USD. It’s very simple – those who rent housing becomes larger, and the number of apartments does not change. However, not all owners agree on students. If the apartment is not in very good condition, students take without problems”, – says the realtor.

“That apartment, which is now worth 4500 hryvnia, Auguste-September can cost 5000 USD. It’s very simple – those who rent housing becomes larger, and the number of apartments does not change. However, not all owners agree on students. If the apartment is not in very good condition, students take without problems”, – says the realtor.

At the moment, rental prices are “odnushek” start from 4500 UAH. On average, Studio apartment for rent for 6000 hryvnia. In addition, the tenant pays for utilities. We will remind, to issue grants in apartments that rent under the lease, have the right only to tenants. If homeowners have already issued a grant and propose to use it, it is a violation of the Cabinet decision on the simplified procedure for calculating subsidies.

Even less: Babushkin option and apartment

On the market there are more “budget” options – housing repairs and equipment in remote areas of the city. For example, one of the sites of rental properties offered to rent “kopeck piece” on the street Donetsk (Sevastopol area) for 3000 hryvnia. Apartment washing machine and repair, with repair in the rent the apartment owners do not agree. “Repair must be done (by the tenant). For the rent amount repair impossible”, – said in the announcement. Tenants will have day to earn money to pay rent, and in the evening and at weekends to make repairs at their own expense in a strange apartment.


“If everyone decided to live in the apartment without repair, you need to enter into a contract. And preferably notarized. Many landlords do not go for such, because in this situation, you need to pay income tax. But if you come to do the repair in someone else’s apartment, suggesting that you can live in this apartment for at least a year. You can make repairs, but two months later you “ask” and will rent the apartment to other tenants, but for a different amount,” – says Maxim Baborak.

Options with “Babushkin repair” will cost more. The modest “odnushku” with two cabinets on the wall, two beds, tables, chairs, table, rugs on the wall and a whole set of furniture that the owners remove resident does not agree, near metro Sviatoshyn worth 3500 USD per month. “Rent an sosninykh str. m. Svyatoshin. Has all the necessary furniture. There is a washer and dryer. The balcony is glazed. The state of living. Rent for a couple (without children), one or two people”, – said in the announcement.


Realtors explain such options should accept only if a very limited budget. “Of course you can accept this option. Only about comfort. I had options when asked to find tenants in the apartment deceased grandmother. The cabinets were full of my grandmother’s old clothes, throw out and take things the owners refused. Such may accept students who are not very wealthy tenants. I never advise my clients,” says an expert in the field of real estate.

Another budget option is apartment in new building. At the moment, Containing the one-room apartment without finishing and even distribution of electricity. New tenants will have wall putty, Wallpaper paste, to look for the plumbing, etc.


How to choose an apartment: how much and what to pay attention

In the capital for 5000-6000 UAH you can rent a “odnushku” with good repair, appliances and is furnished and close to the metro station. Studio apartment closer to the center will cost about 6500-7500 UAH. Such options, said the realtor, are considered “budget”, with the majority of transactions execute in this market segment. At the moment, for 5,000 hryvnia for rent “odnushka” in Svyatoshinsky district, with a fresh renovation, new kitchen and appliances. “The apartment is very clean and cozy. Free, you can watch and be occupied”, – said in the announcement.

Standard “package”: washing machine, refrigerator, bed, redecorating. With that being said Maxim Baborak, in almost all countries unspoken rule for homeowners: before the new tenant need Wallpaper glue. However, in the capital the “rule” the vast majority of landlords neglected.

Apartment for 6000 hryvnia. Photo:

“I recently talked with colleagues from the United States. There is a different law, realtors are licensed, and without them officially to rent or sell housing is not. But there culture is very different. If the apartment is carpeted floors, it is necessary to change before the next tenant. Wallpapers there almost never occur, but before the new tenant repaint the walls. We do not have to redecorating, sometimes a General cleaning before the next arrival does not do” – says Maxim Baborak.

Upon arrival you need to sign a rental agreement, check the documents of ownership and to clarify how many people have ownership of housing. If the apartment owners need to contact all before you pay the rent.

The realtor is obliged to show the apartment to meet the owner, provide the form of lease agreement, check the documents for the apartment and a passport, and talk about all the shortcomings of the housing.